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Harry and Meghan have joined forces with a so called “hippie bank”. How prophetic – and timely! At the same time, President Biden wants to empower the IRS to look into banks. I am calling for an investigation into everything that Robert Brevoort Buck has done, and his connections to Wells Fargo.

I have members of Lloyd’s of London behind BAD. Clive de Rougemont is Victoria Bond’s superior. I was looking to sway this famous bank to be more ethical. I identify Rougemont Switzerland as the birthplace of James Bond. Victoria Bond’s bodyguard is a Christian-Hippie!

John Presco

Victoria Bond as Andromeda | Rosamond Press

Located just off the Grands Boulevards in Paris, at the bottom of rue Rougemont, an astonishing façade stands out like a backdrop. Approaching further, a curious onlooker will discover an immense building, with this historical monument forming the main entrance.

The building at “14 rue Bergère” in Paris is a model for 19th. c. bank architecture | Archives & Histoire BNP Paribas (

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle today announced they are moving into banking and vowed to ‘change the world’ by putting money into an investment firm called Ethic, whose owners are self-styled ‘hippies’ managing a $1.3billion Wall Street fund.

The Sussexes, who experts believe are well on the way to building a $1billion brand in the US after quitting the Royal Family for independence and to earn their own money, have been appointed ‘impact partners’ at Ethic, a New York-based fintech asset manager pumping money into companies with what they deem acceptable environmental and social goals.  

Harry and Meghan’s latest move into big business came after their deals with Netflix and Spotify worth £100million and the couple announced their latest tie-up with a statement that said: ‘When we invest in each other we change the world’

Biden’s Proposal to Empower I.R.S. Rattles Banks and Their Customers (

When the Biden administration looked for ways to pay for the president’s expansive social policy bill, it proposed raising revenue by cracking down on $7 trillion in unpaid taxes, mostly from wealthy Americans and businesses.

To help find those funds, the administration wants banks to give the Internal Revenue Service new details on their customers and provide data for accounts with total annual deposits or withdrawals worth more than $600. That has sparked an uproar among banks and Republican lawmakers, who say giving the I.R.S. such power would be an enormous breach of privacy and government overreach.

Banks and their trade groups are running advertising and letter-writing campaigns to raise awareness — and concern — about the proposal. As a result, banks from Denver to Philadelphia say they are being deluged with calls, emails and in-person complaints from both savers and small-business owners worried about the proposal. JPMorgan Chase & Company has issued talking points to bank tellers on what to tell angry customers who call or come into a branch to complain.

UK aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth docks in Singapore, aims to strengthen military presence in Asia (

Some GOP officials are urging Republican voters to back Democrats in 2022 to save the party from ‘pro-Trump extremists’ (

Here are images of MY PEERS who were given a podium by Wells Fargo Bank, and Alcohol Justice. Did any of my sober brothers and sisters have a problem seeing their logo next to Duffy’s, as they entered the building to bare their soul as they discuss why they wrote recovery books and made recovery movies?

The basis of my lawsuit against Wells Fargo – that might be a class-action suit – is that they entered into an agreement with Alcohol Justice – in bad faith – and had no intention of maintaining Good Faith with my brothers and sisters in Recovery. Indeed, one has to wonder if Conspiracies’ and Fraud were not the main ingredient, because they had to know Alcohol Justice was an alleged “Watchdog” in the alcohol producing industry – and that AJ is mixing it’s agenda with the Alcoholic Recovery “Industry” as stated by who runs Duffy’s – while he stands under the Wells Fargo Logo. This photo-shoot promotion stunt, could be sending a message to many winery and breweries, that Alcohol Justice is in the back pocket of Wells Fargo and BNP Paribas , and wont be harassing them like they did PlumpJack. If you want to get more loans and investors, you don’t want a bunch of protesters for Charge For Harm picketing your winery. Indeed, you can make a case that Charge For Harm and AJ can be weaponized. For what purpose?

Charge For Harm | Rosamond Press

Let us title this lawsuit WINEGATE. The key questions is, WHEN DID THEY KNOW there was a massive Conflict of Interest? And – WHO KNEW? Bootleggers were involved in Extortion and the Shake-down. The Mafia was always looking for….A FRONT! Why are all these men with the surname DELUCA at the epicenter of the Wine Industry? A kick-back to recovery houses – is very possible! You would want WRITERS on your side. Am I making things up? Wells Fargo and Alcohol Justice – have in their face – A MASSIVE FAILURE TO POLICE THEMSELVES! They have done massive harm to ‘Writers In Recovery’. Study this video!

(58) REEL Recovery Film Festival – San Francisco 2014 – Highlights – YouTube

The REEL Film Festival happened in 2014. In 2012 this article appears on how hard it is to get a loan in a “highly competitive industry”. Anyone who want to start a winery, would get on the internet to study THE COMPITION! Look, there’s some token Indians – and the Sheriff of San Francisco County? Gulp! Holy Moly! There’s the French Bank of BNP Paribas! Fuck! These are the BIG BOYS – WITH THE BIG BUCKS!

“I’m out of my league! I think I will invest in pot farms in Oregon, instead!”

John Presco

President: California Barrel Company

For wineries seeking capital, be prepared (

The French Are Coming! Alarm! | Rosamond Press

Prior to joining Bank of the West, DeLuca was a Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank, where he led their Wine, Food & Beverage practice in the Western Division.  Before that, he worked at Key Banc Capital Markets as Director/Consumer Banking National Head of Wine & Spirits. He holds degrees from the University of California at Berkeley (MBA), Johns Hopkins University (Master of International Relations) and Georgetown University (BA in Government).

Many of our guests are able to afford treatment with significant help from their insurance company, others finance their treatment or pay in cash.

Hope by the Sea | Drug and Alcohol Rehab | California Addiction Treatment

Pricing | Duffy’s Napa Valley Rehab (

Two executives at Wells Fargo were lured away by Bank of the West that is wholly owned by BNP Paribas whose headquarters is located on Rue Rougemont. Again, I have found the Phantom of the Opera. How many California vineyards does this French Banque own? Was John DeLuca with Wells when they sponsored the REEL Recovery Film Festival associated with Alcohol Justice? Did a giant French bank use alcoholics in recovery to create a facade?

I am composing a message to the President of the United States of America. We got Dueling Banks fighting over California that was rested away from Mexico by my kin, John Fremont.

John Presco

President: Belmont Soda Works

BancWest Corporation is wholly owned by BNP Paribas, ( a global leader in financial services. BNP Paribas is one of the six highest rated banks in the world according to Standard & Poor’s. Present in more than 70 countries, the company has more than 200,000 employees. BNP Paribas has a significant presence in the United States and Europe and strong positions in Asia and the emerging markets.

Prior to joining Bank of the West,

Wells Fargo launches food, beverage and agribusiness group | Banking Dive

Press Release | Press Center | About Us (

De Rougemont of Lloyds

Posted on August 9, 2013 by Royal Rosamond Press


The cote of arms of Lloyd’s contains the cross and sword of Saint George who saved a fair maiden from a dragon, and thus the dragon of the City of London, the wealthiest place on earth. I believe the Rougemont family of Lloyd’s springs from the Noble_Order_of_Saint_George_of_Rougemont.

The Rose Line of Victoria Bond

Posted on October 1, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

For Our Eyes Only


John Presco

Copyright 2019

Victoria Bond looked down on the people in the lobby as she rode the escalator to the top floor of Lloyd’s where Clive de Rougemont had his office. His family were co-founders of Lloyd’s of London. She has never been to the headquarter of BAD. She had debriefed herself on the train ride. She felt she was prepared for what awaited her. What she was not prepared for was the oil of abeautiful woman that was hung above Clive’s desk. She went right to it, and did not see Mr. Rougemont’s outstretched hand.

“Who is this. She……looks like me!”

‘She should look like you. She is your great grandmother.”

Victoria felt a rush of blood to her head and neck. She has taken blow to her solar plexus. And now………….her third eye!

“It’s time for you to know who you are! Come here. Sit down. Here is your grandfather. Clive clicked play on his computer. “Here is your grandfather.”

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