The Red Hand of Victoria Bond

Spy Island Authors

Posted on June 26, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

On this day I found ‘Spy Island Authors’ . We are a school for authors of Spy Novels, and New Cold War Thrillers. The spirit of my grandfather, Royal Rosamond, will wage a historic battle against those who have done his family wrong, and intend to erase Democracy from the face of the earth. The American family will be just a memory unless the spirit of these men, arise.

The family of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor came back to America in 1939. Liz and her brother, Howard, were British subjects who had contact with Victor Cazalet who may have been an operative for The New World Order. Victor has a vision of uniting the the two most powerful navies in the world. Royal Rosamond in camping on the Anacapa Islands with Dashiell Hammet, and other Black Mask authors. I doubt Liz and Royal ever met. This Rose Star knew very little about her roots when she died. If she had met my grandfather, then she would wonder aloud if they were kin. They had…..those eyes!

I invite my students, my trainees, to walk in the footsteps of the anonymous Continental Op who boards the sloop The Southern Cross to sail to Saint Croix Island with his peers for a much needed vacation. However, business is discussed. Members of the Bohemian Club are aware of this gathering. When Christopher Wilding married Aileen Getty, we became kin to Ian Fleming. James Bond is sailing aboard The Southern Cross.

My aunt Lillian told me she saw her father and Erle Stanley Gardener typing in the living room. she claimed Royal taught Earle how to write. There is a HBO series titled ‘Perry Mason’. Royal was fifty-six when Liz got off the boat in New York. She was born in 1932. My mother, Rosemary, was born in 1928. My grandfather was publishing in Out West magazine in 1918, where the Taylor family was heading to find their fortune.

Here is my idea for a series ‘James Bond In La La Land that I wrote after I began ‘The Royal Janitor’. Shades of ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’.

My friend Bryan MacLean was invited to dinner at Sharon Tate’s the night of the murders. I believe he was a friend of McQueen.

James Bond In La La Land? | Rosamond Press

“James met Steve McQueen at a red light on Mulholland Drive at 10:30 P.M. Steve was driving a Shelby Mustang, and Bond a Ford Torino Cobra. The actor, famous for his driving skills, revved his engine, and James gave the nod. When the light turned green, the race was on. Jame’s knew he was disobeying his therapists orders. After McQueen edged Bond out, they stopped in a A&W, where they chatted. Steve invited James to dinner at Sharon Tates’s house. 007 said he would consider it after he checked his calendar. In truth his doctor insisted he stay away from the fast LA crowd.”

The Rock of The Red Hand is in SF.
A Real Bond Author
Posted on September 28, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

I have proven I am a valid author of James Bondish books, even though I have not completed and published one. Reading about THE END of Bond Movies, Bond Roles, and Bond Actors is a Art Piece, in that the producers and makers conclude there are no more Real Bond Books to be written by a bonified Bond Writer. It reads like a shipwreck and salvage job that reminds me of the claptrap Syndey Morris instigated when he sold the Rosamond Creative Legacy to an Inept Salvage Crew – who destroyed – THE WRECK! Christine wanted me to be her manager, and I told my daughter I could teach her The Family Style so she could carry on. Christine Rosamond could have gotten in on the Bond Bandwagon and produced much artwork for Broccoli.

My love affair with Lara Roozemond is at an end. She will not make a good Victoria Rosemond Bond. My mother, Rosemary Rosamond, worked in Naval Intelligence while in the WAVES. Rosemary was insane. My father said it was like she was writing a book and…..”wanted to employ me in it.”

John Presco

Daniel Craig weighs in on whether the next James Bond should be played by a woman (

Londoners weigh in on whether next James Bond should be played by a woman (

James Bond: 6 Major Questions We Have About The Future Of The 007 Franchise – CINEMABLEND

After 60 Years Of Men Playing James Bond, Daniel Craig Said His 007 Successor Shouldn’t Be A Woman Because “There Should Be A Part Just As Good As James Bond, But For A Woman” (

Daniel Craig has advice for his James Bond replacement: ‘Don’t f*** it up’ (

US and British navies needle China with show of force (
MAGA insiders admit Trump was lying in new bookDonald Trump Suggests He Might Be Reinstated Due to ‘Tremendous’ Voter Fraud

A trio of U.S. and British aircraft carrier strike groups are operating in disputed waters of the Indo-Pacific region, in a show of maritime strength tailored to needle China following the unveiling of a landmark nuclear submarine deal with Australia.

Rosamond Press

Ian Fleming may have been authoring Historic-Fiction. This is what I am about, thus, my characters are not purely characters. So much fact is applied to Fleming’s novels – after the fact – in a strange guessing game due to the main macho interest -that always results in gun play.

A video and poem Lara Roozemond posted, made me CHOOSE her. It was anti-gun. Her voice was so frail and feminine. She took it down because she chose to believe I am pretending to be a Billionaire Hot Shot that will give her money – to take her clothes off. I must be a jerk and fraud – because I have no money. It must be a trick? Did she own a prejudice against James Bond movies? What is James doing to those women is his flicks?

Here is my next painting of Lara as Fair Rosamond. She will have…

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