Ghosts Ships and Stowaways

A Ghost Fleet sails the seas as Russian troops do the goosestep. There are ghost stowaways. I’ve been attacked by another person who boxed up my kin, and are doing what they will for personal gain. Winston Churchill was a racist. Is China examining all the leaders in our history?

Dream Jon

The US Navy launched a missile from a ghost ship. Wait, what? (

Seth Meyers Roasts Kellyanne Conway, Trump Military Board Appointees for Refusing to Resign from Their Posts (

My Kinship With Liz, The Gettys, Ian Fleming | Rosamond Press

The Doomed Ghost Fleet

Posted on March 11, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

My post I made a year ago. I do not need my daughter and her coven playing dark and stupid women’s empowerment games with me. Phoenix LaFae needs a new profession.

Seer Jon

A Smell of War

Posted on November 29, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

A video shared by the Department of Defense last week shows an uninhabited ship, the USV Ranger, successfully firing an SM-6 missile.

The uncrewed surface vessel Ranger is one of at least two robot ships that the Navy uses to test autonomy, in collaboration with the Department of Defense’s Strategic Capabilities office. Testing these ships, from autonomous travel to operations alongside other vessels, is part of the ominously named “Ghost Fleet Overlord” program.

As a program, Ghost Fleet Overlord dates back to at least 2017. And while the USV Ranger’s operating systems are all advanced technology, the actual body of the ship is a commercial model. Alongside USV Nomad, USV Ranger is a repurposed commercial fast supply ship, or the kind of boat used to regularly and quickly bring deliveries to oil rigs. 

In the video, above, it is hard to tell that Ranger has no people on it. Its radars still spin, its small body rocks gently with the waves, and at a remote signal, a missile launcher stirs from inside a nondescript container. In seconds, the robot raises its weapon, and hurls an explosive into the sky above the sea. Only an astute observer, primed to the fact, would notice that there is no crew behind the windows of the ship’s bridge.

[Related: The Pentagon is adding two more large unmanned surface vessels to its ghost fleet program] 

Like human sailors in the Navy, robot ships must follow the Law of the Sea Convention, a set of rules and practices agreed to by the United Nations, despite the fact that the US has yet to ratify the treaty. Virtually all other sailors follow these rules at sea. For peaceful maritime travel, it’s important for sailors to know the rules of the road, but for robots those rules have to be coded into how they operate.

Firing a missile falls well outside the scope of peaceful oceanic transit. It is a way for the humans remotely monitoring and commanding the ships to see if the command links are secure, timely, and if the robot vessel can perform as expected. Testing if the ship can launch a missile is the first part of the work of making an armed robot ship. The harder challenge is testing if that robot can fire a missile in such a way that it hits a target.

How the missile launchers integrate with sensors and how those sensors communicate information back to off-ship human overseers is a big question. Where in the process a human approves a robot’s target selection, and if the human can instead decline the attack, are important considerations for human control over the entire process, and to mitigate error.

[Related: DARPA wants designs for robotic warships that won’t need a crew] 

In October 2020, Ranger had traveled from the Gulf of Mexico to the west coast of the United States, transiting autonomously every part of the way except for the Panama Canal, when it was required to have a human crew. Nomad, its sister ship, completed a similar transit this summer. 

“The Ghost Fleet Overlord program is part of an effort to accelerate the Navy’s push to incorporate autonomous vessels within its fleet to better expand the reach of manned vessels,” C. Todd Lopez of DOD News wrote in January 2021. “Autonomy includes more than just straight-line passage through large areas of the ocean; it also involves such things as collision avoidance and following the rules of the sea.”

Because Ranger and Nomad are built on top of existing, familiar, durable ship designs, the focus in testing can be less about the specific engineering of these robotic vessels, and more about how the robotic components work together. By incorporating a familiar missile launcher into that overall package, the Navy can see if a kind of plug-and-play approach works. This is especially important because the next two vessels planned for the Ghost Fleet Overlord program are going to be original prototypes.

“The SCO Ghost Fleet Overlord program serves to inform Navy prototype efforts by integrating mature technologies to accelerate Service priorities and is a key piece of the build a little, test a little, and learn a lot philosophy articulated in the Navy Unmanned Campaign Framework,” said Strategic Capabilities Office Director Jay Dryer, after Nomad transited from the Gulf to the Pacific Coast this summer.

Two dedicated robot prototypes are already under construction for the Navy, to be used in future tests. Both Nomad and Ranger are headed to the Navy from SCO later in 2022, for further experimentation.

Methodist Health System caves on vaccine mandate exemptions, religious…Unsolved Murdaugh shootings yield misconduct claim, conflicting accounts…

Seth Meyers went after Kellyanne Conway and others who were appointed to military academy advisory boards by Donald Trump for taking issue with a request from the Biden administration to resign from their posts.

“Why were there still any Trump holdovers anyway?” Meyers asked on Thursday’s Late Night. “That’s like moving into a rent-controlled apartment the last guy died in and keeping all the expired whitefish in the refrigerator.”

President Joe Biden, via a letter by Assistant to the President Catherine Russell, explained that if those holding positions, including former Trump administration officials Kellyanne ConwayH.R. McMasterSean Spicer, and Russ Vought, refused to step down, they would be dismissed.

Conway, who sat on the board of the United States Air Force Academy, slammed Biden’s request as “petty and political, if not personal,” adding, “I’m not resigning, but you should.”

Vought also refused to step down, tweeting a picture of the letter from the White House with the caption, “No. It’s a three year term.”

Not only did Meyers question why Trump’s appointees were so keen to stay in their positions, he challenged the decision to put them on the boards in the first place.

“And why was Kellyanne Conway on an Air Force advisory board?” Meyers asked. “If she ever flew an F-16 or what she probably calls an F-17, I guess we would end up in a ravine, her standing on a tarmac in a parachute claiming it was a successful landing.”

“The plane is on the ground. Do you not think the plane is on the ground?’” the host said in his best Conway voice, mocking Trump’s former senior counselor for her affinity with “alternative facts.”

Enemy Ghost Armada and Liz Taylor

Posted on June 22, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

They’re here! My fictional character, Victoria Rosemond Bond, kept dreaming about them at Osborne House. This is what James Bond would be on – if he was real! In the real history of literature, authors have SEEN THE FUTURE via fictional scenarios. ‘The Royal Janitor’ is romantic and historic fiction – as well as a genealogical story!

No father wants to see their child as his enemy. Patrice Hanson, and her sister, Linda Comstock took my child as a HOSTAGE. They then took my two grandchildren – HOSTAGE! This has deeply affected my mental and moral heath. I am sure these evil witchy-sisters hoped I would take another drink – and die!

Grimm named the Sleeping Beauty Princess ‘Rosamond’ . On this day I awaken Rosemond so that her Rose Spirit can challenge the latest Caliph on the high seas. Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor is also kin to Captain Isaac Hull who captained the U.S.S. Constitution and Enterprise. I put her and Victor Cazalet on – THE BRIDGE!

The Nation of Israel is keeping a close eye on The Ghost Armada that is funding Iran’s nuclear program. Victor Cazalet wanted the American and British Navy to form a BOND in the West Indies in order to challenge FURTURE ENEMIES. For Armageddon Watchers, this could be the beginning of The End Time – and Doomsday!

The U.S. Navy explode a large bomb near a Navy vessel to simulate a small nuclear weapon – just missing! Admiral Ian Easton wakens from – THE DEAD!

John Presco

Author: ‘The Royal Janitor’

Iran’s ‘ghost armada’ of tankers selling black market oil to China (

A ‘ghost armada’ of sanctions-busting tankers carrying black-market oil to China is bankrolling Iran’s secret nuclear programme, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The rogue state has almost doubled its fleet sailing under other countries’ flags to 123 in the past year, letting China smuggle in up to a million barrels of oil per day – or two-thirds of the UK’s daily use.

The Grail Fleet Sets Sail

Posted on June 22, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

I am conducting Naval Cyber-Warfare with Propaganda. This is a real game of Battleships, being, this is not a battle for a land mass at the border. Because of the Racist-Sell of Traitor-Trump, Iran has a new Holy-Leader, who in his mind is conducting a real Jihad in the Western Hemisphere. Israeli Intelligence knows all about this ‘Ghost Armada’ and have watched the Iranian ships steam towards Venezuela, Have they kept our President informed? Would they like to see our Navy – attack these ships – so we will go to war with Iran?

In the last several weeks I have come to realize I have amazing Detective skills. My researh is stellar. I am – James Bond! I am Victoria and Miriam!

John Presco

Author: ‘The Royal Janitor’

My Kinship With Liz, The Gettys, Ian Fleming | Rosamond Press

China State Media Warns of Counterattack With Russia to U.S. ‘Serious Provocations’ (

Promoting military ties with America[edit]

Cazalet also termed himself “a booster for America,” and had publicly expressed the gratitude of British citizens for the aid that America gave Britain before and after World War II began.[8] In 1940 he wanted Britain to give the U.S. a free port in the West Indies, with all sovereign rights, in order that the U.S. Navy could have a port closer to South America.[9]

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