Crisis-Christians and Supreme Court Bless Witch Hunts

Christians believe in the Ten Commandments that do not specify which laws are the most severe. If you commit adultery, you are supposed to be stoned to death. What if Texas passed a law saying any citizen can turn in another citizen in for committing adultery – and collect a $10,000 dollar reward? I think a lawsuit should be filed that makes adultery a capital crime. My great grandfather is in Hawthorne’s’ ‘The Scarlet Letter’. I think committing the sin of adultery is very disruptive to family and civic life, and thus anyone who turns in a relative or neighbor, should get a $20,000 dollar reward – and two months free rent! Good people should be able to prosper on the sins committed by others. Our Nations needs a – SIN BOUNTY! Should Adulterers lose their right to bare arms – and vote?

The Texas Taliban is born! The Crisis-Christians are on the march. They refuse to wear masks, and preach the Climate Crisis – is a lie too! There are no American laws that says abortion is Murder. Paul Weyrich invented the Abortion Crisis in order to negate the Civil Rights Movement. Crisis-Christians love to say Democrats are not for human rights. It’s a evil game – not blessed by God. However, the Supreme Court just put God’s Seal on a law – that in theory will lead the way to taking guns away from citizens.

How come the British Defense leader did not say Trump, his Crisis-Christians, and QAnon toppled the U.S. as a World Power, when they attacked our Capitol – with glee – in front of the whole world?

When you demonstrate against Crisis-Christians, use the image above as your banner.


John Presco

Texas abortion law: Pelosi says House will vote on bill after Supreme Court ruling (

The House will vote on a reproductive rights bill when it returns later this month, following the Supreme Court’s refusal to block one of the country’s most restrictive abortion laws that took effect in Texas this week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday.

The Democratic-held chamber plans to take up the Women’s Health Protection Act after lawmakers come back to Washington on Sept. 20. The legislation, led in the House by Democratic Rep. Judy Chu of California, would establish the legal right to abortion nationwide and prevent states from putting medically unnecessary restrictions on the procedures.

By prohibiting abortions once a doctor detects “cardiac activity,” S.B. 8 is effectively an abortion ban because many women may not even be aware they are pregnant at that point, critics say.

Texas abortion law: $10,000 penalty could incentivize ‘bounty hunters’ to make ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ (

British defense secretary suggests US is no longer a superpower after Afghanistan withdrawal (

But by letting private citizens sue anyone who “aids and abets” an abortion following the roughly six-week gestation period, the law could unleash a wave of lawsuits that potentially rope in anyone from a doctor who performs the procedure to someone who drives a woman to a clinic, or someone who pays for the procedure.Who pays the $10,000?

If they win, plaintiffs can recover at least $10,000 for each abortion prohibited under the law. The money damages could well run higher if a lawsuit has many defendants in the case, one observer noted.

“The defendant — whether a provider, funder, clergyperson, friend or family member — pays the damages which are set at a minimum of $10,000. If there are several defendants, they each pay $10,000 in damages,” Elizabeth Sepper, a professor specializing in health law and religious liberty at the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Law.

“So a single abortion could generate tens of thousands of dollars for the bounty hunter plaintiffs delegated enforcement of this law,” she told MarketWatch.

If a plaintiff wins, the defendants “and any lawyer who dares represent them are on the hook for the plaintiff’s legal fees,” Sepper added. When a case fails, defendants lack the same power to rake money from the plaintiffs for the cost of fighting the lawsuit, she noted.

A woman’s consent to the abortion is not a defense against a lawsuit, the law’s language said. A defendant also can’t argue that S.B. 8’s requirements are unconstitutional as a way to successfully fight a case, the law added.

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