No Marine Left Behind – For The Turks

Evangelical leaders who are not backing our elected President, are – Traitors of God and Nation. To suggest God is not on our President’s side, while he scrambles to save our troops and our citizens – as Islamic Terrorists look on – is the vilest thing any American Men of God have ever done. This is a betrayal of Jesus – and Gideon the Nazarite!

Rosamond Press

I suspect Captain Isaac Hull promised the Marines onboard the Constitution they would not be LEFT BEHIND because they knew what the Barbary Pirates, who were allied to the Ottoman Empire did to Infidel prisoner. In the movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ it is suggested Lawrence was sexually abused when he was taken prisoner by the Turks, and, this led to his “take no prisoners” cry. Young men were afraid to go to sea. This was a great threat to the U.S. Merchant fleet. America did not Shanghai sailors, at this time.

We need to talk openly about the unspeakable FACTS men who go to war, suffer. Defeat – is humiliating – and not for political ways. Our troops in Syria and Iraq feel deeply humiliated. This is a Major Threat to our National Security! Our President never went to Boot Camp where he could have leanred some facts of Military…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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