Queen Califia and The Knights of Saint George


One ancestor of Ms. Markle, however, is indeed of royal descent. He is Rev. William Skipper, who immigrated to Boston in 1639. A descendant of King Edward III of England (died 1377), Skipper was also a 1st cousin several times removed of Margaret Kerdeston (ca. 1426–after 1485), wife of a French nobleman, grandmother of a queen of Bohemia and Hungary, and an ancestor of most later European kings. Skipper ancestors Sir Philip Wentworth (died 1464) and Mary Clifford are ancestors also, in various lines, of both H.M. the late Queen Mother (and thus H.M. the Queen, the Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry) and of the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

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Here is the e-mail I sent Gavin Newson, the Governor of California.

Dear Governor; I am kin to all members of the Getty family via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and thus all the Gettys are kin to Ian Fleming the author of James Bond novels. I began my own Bond novel ‘The Royal Janitor’ three years ago. The newest Bond movie has been delayed for over a year due to the Coronavirus. There many not be any profits from this movie. Hollywood must be hurting.

Today, I founded the European Union Kingdom of Helgoland, and made Harry and Meghan Windsor the titular King and Queen of this amazing island. I have suggested this royal couple read the names of the Knights of the Garter whose cote of arms are found in the stalls of Saint George Chapel where both Princess Diana’s sons got married. In researching Queen Califia, a African pagan…

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