India Has Aircraft Carrier

I made this draft ten days ago, getting ready to release it. I have been trying to empower Vice President Kamala Harris – before she was sworn in! I formed the Marin Shipmates and had them marching down Broadway in Oakland – Prussian style! I saw a all black militia in Washington D.C. a week before the June Insurrection, marching down Pennsylvania – Prussian style. Whatever it takes. I took a very MILITANT STANCE – saying I am a prophet, and said bad things are coming our way in regards to our Might and Right.

I was right! My family and my enemies – laughed at me! They rejoiced at every outlandish and incredible claim and prophecy I made. They wanted me to stick my neck out – even further so they could mock me, denegrate me, humiliate me – and rejoice at my loss of credibility! Read your Bible and Koran. This is the fate of all prophets!

Our Vice President needs to be questioned, her role in the demise of America’s Prestige in the World, needs to be completely analyzed, not to just cast blame, but, make sure this never happens again, and, THE RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE are elected and installed in THE FUTURE – people who profess to owning – A VISION OF THINGS TO COME!

India just launched its first aircraft carrier, put it upon one of the seven seas, to show China she is on our side. Now what… the question of the edge! Let us go after the old geezer dressed like Santa Claus. Let’s terrorize him and abuse his beloved cats – in front of him. Let’s make him half crazy, and when he strikes back – he goes to jail and ends up being evicted and cast out in the street! Yes! Tell one of the oldest civilizations on earth – THIS IS YOUR FUCKING PLAN!

Any other (brilliant) plans – out there?

“Yeah! We don’t have to get vaccinated or wear a mask because we are _______Christians!”

Did this withdrawal crisis have to happen?….NO!

Does this vaccination crisis have to happen?…NO!

Who caused these crisis?…….CRAZY RELIGIOUS FANATICS!

John ‘The Prophet and Answer Man’

Vaccines’ protection against virus infection is waning, C.D.C. studies suggest. (

Democrats say they’ll probe “worst-case scenario” in Afghanistan (

Although most Democrats stand by the president’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, top congressional leaders are demanding to know why the U.S. seemed so ill-prepared for the rapid political and military collapse of the country, which left the U.S. military scrambling to evacuate thousands of Americans and vulnerable Afghans. 

Who saw this coming?

Russia and Israel may be on a collision course in Syria (

India is flexing its maritime muscles to counter growing Chinese influence, conducting sea trials on its first indigenous aircraft carrier and dispatching a task force for joint exercises with the United States and other allies

The Indian Navy said the country can now “join a select group of nations with the capability to indigenously design and build an Aircraft Carrier, which will be a real testimony to the ‘Make in India’ thrust of the Indian Government.”

The new 262-metre (860-foot) carrier joins the INS Vikramaditya, the Soviet-made Admiral Gorshkov that India bought in 2004.

The navy said 44 other ships and submarines were being built indigenously. It is also pressing the government for a third carrier, with Navy chief Admiral Karambir Singh saying the force could not remain “tethered”.

China, vying for influence in the Indian Ocean where New Delhi has traditionally held sway, is currently building its third aircraft carrier.

The Indian Navy said separately on Monday that it was sending a task force of four ships to South East Asia, the South China Sea and Western Pacific for two months of exercises including with Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Australia and the United States.

The deployment “seeks to underscore the operational reach, peaceful presence and solidarity with friendly countries towards ensuring good order in the maritime domain and to strengthen existing bonds between India and countries of the Indo Pacific,” it said.

India, Japan, Australia and the US together form the “Quad” alliance seen as a bulwark against China. 

Last year, 20 Indian troops died in a clash on their disputed Himalayan border with China.

This year, India has also conducted naval exercises with France and most recently with a British task force in the Bay of Bengal last month led by the new HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier.

This week, broadcaster Al Jazeera reported that India may be building a naval facility in the Mauritius archipelago, citing satellite imagery, financial data and on-the-ground evidence.

Mauritius on Wednesday said that although work was underway on an air strip and a jetty on the island of Agalega, they would not be used for military purposes.

The Indian foreign ministry declined to comment.

“That is Congress’ role, the role of oversight, and that will take place early next week, at least it will begin then,” Pelosi said, even as she commended the president’s decision to withdraw from the country by August 31.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Gregory Meeks has invited Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to testify as soon as possible to provide “transparency about its Afghanistan strategy,” Meeks said in a statement. Lawmakers want to know what plans have been made to evacuate Americans, special immigrant visa holders and other vulnerable Afghans, and more broadly, what the U.S. counterterrorism strategy will be in South Asia after the fall of the Afghan government.

“I have asked Secretaries Blinken and Austin to testify before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and tell Congress what the administration’s plan is to safely evacuate American citizens, SIVs, and other vulnerable Afghans from the country, and to understand our broader counter terrorism strategy in South Asia following the collapse of the Ghani government.” 

On the Senate side, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner intends to hold hearings on why the U.S. wasn’t better prepared for a “worst-case scenario,” he said in a statement.

Republicans have been more vocal in their criticism of the administration’s handling of Afghanistan. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell called it a “disaster.”

“Now, if he insisted on getting out, at least he could have planned it,” McConnell said on WDRB in Louisville, Kentucky. “This administration couldn’t organize a two-car funeral. “An utter disaster, we witnessed it on the screen. People clinging to the side of the airplane, desperate trying to get out of there because they know they’re going to be killed by the Taliban because they were collaborating with us. What does that say to friends of America around the world?” 

Democrats, who currently control both the House and the Senate and lead the congressional committees, plan to hold hearings on Afghanistan beginning next week. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told a local CBS station in San Francisco Tuesday that the “highest-level officials” in the Biden administration will testify next week before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, in what will likely be the first of several hearings on the withdrawal process and the capitulation of Afghanistan’s political leaders to the Taliban. 

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