The Big Bill Virus Show

I made a video for an idea for a T.V. show and I left the headphones in my computer which is why there is no sound.

Bill’s show will discuss the hot topic of wearing a mask, or, not wearing a mask. The theatre is divided in half. The anti-mask folks are encased in plexiglass and wait their turn at the mike. If they complain about how unfair it is they are enclosed, they are hauled off by a huge goon.

I will have Timo-Timo, the Russian model as my sidekick. She will give a report on the growing fixation women are having with their ass, thanks to Tik Tok. She will also do the raging global warming report – with wild gesturing.

Argile Smyth will talk to folks on the street. He will ask them long-ass questions in a thick Scottish brogue while wearing a kilt. The commoners struggle to understand. They try to butt in. Then…

“Back to you Bill!” as clear as can be.

“Wait a minute! Don’t I get to answer the question?”

“No! It was a rhetoric question!”

“Rhetoric! What does that mean?”

“I’ll ask the questions, if you don’t mind. Take it away, Bill!”

I made this video on April 2020 foreseeing that there would be pro-virus folks. You can get a lip reader to prove what a great prophet I am.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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