Grand Theft of the Stalking Muse

What a life I have had. My newspaper – has survived!


Rosamond Press

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind, that my muse, Belle Burch – STALKED ME! She was after my WORDS, my, SWORD! She tried to steal my LIFE STORY, but, this is what most women are up to. We men are born in Paradise all by our self, then, she comes along. There is touching and penetration, and in three years she OWNS three children. She fills them with HER WORDS and HER HISTORY. Genesis was written by a woman who knew the family tree like the back of her hand. The point is, my muse has CAPTURED my heart and imagination. We really don’t need to see each other again. She is my Absent Model. Our dueling, our missing touch, is our National Topic. We fence! We run! We chase! Belle brought up the bath scene in Crouching Tiger.

Da Vinci worked on a portrait for ten years. The…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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