British Defense Blames Trump

This newspaper, and the publishing of parts of my Bond novel, have been extremely revelent to todays news. As an original hippie, who knew leaders of our revolutions, I took a pro-military stance, because some of Americans, here ad abroad, ARE OPRESSIVE RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS – who do not like secular truth – AND FREEDOM OF THE PRESS! I include the Alley Wiccan Cult who did not respect Freedom of the Press, and resorted to terrorism. We will see the same tactics from the Taliban. This is why the Republican Party gave up on harassing Gay Marriages. The comparison will be made. I will have Victoria and Miriam get married.

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President: Royal Rosamond Press

But UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace has pointed the finger at Trump.

He told “BBC Breakfast” on Monday: “The die was cast when the deal was done by Donald Trump, if you want my observation.”

“President Biden inherited a momentum, a momentum that had been given to the Taliban because they felt they had now won, he’d also inherited a momentum of troop withdrawal from the international community, the US.”

“So I think in that sense, the seeds of what we’re seeing today were before President Biden took office. The seeds were a peace deal that was [effectively] rushed, that wasn’t done in collaboration properly with the international community and then a dividend taken out incredibly quickly.”

He had previously called Trump’s deal “rotten” and said the international community would likely “pay the consequences.”

The GOP waves white flag on the gay marriage wars (

The UK’s defense minister blamed Trump for the Afghanistan crisis, saying ‘the die was cast’ when Trump negotiated a peace deal with the Taliban (

The UK’s defense minister has blamed the chaos in Afghanistan on former President Donald Trump.

The Taliban seized Kabul and declared a new government on Sunday, after taking over most of the rest of the country with unexpected speed as US forces withdrew after 20 years.

The withdrawal came after a conditional peace deal negotiated by then-President Trump in 2020 that mentioned the withdrawal of US and NATO forces.

Current President Joe Biden has largely upheld that deal. Biden said he trusted Afghan forces, and said the US could not justify remaining in the country after 20 years.

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