Stuttmeister Married at Famous Lutheran Church

Here is the marriage certificate of Rudolph Stuttmeister who lost his mother at birth. The Stuttmeisters are San Francisco Pioneers. When I become Governor of the Great Bohemian State of California, I will pass a law making it illegal for anyone to sell, or attempt to sell, anyone’s family tree to outsiders, especially if they are hostile towards Heirs of said tree. My late sister, Victoria Presco, had this on her wall. Where is it?

John ‘Bohemian Historian’

Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

My Broderick cousin who lives in Berlin has been helping me compile some of our family history that my natal family knew very little about, especially Christine Rosamond Benton. Therefor, our history could not be sold to outsiders. I am not alone. Others are appalled at what they have read. The Carmel Art Feeding Frenzy resembles the denuding of our forests that concerned Robert Lewis Stevenson, a Carmel Pioneer.

I will be sending out a three page synopsis of my story that will begin with me having my mother call up Sydney Morris to find out what was going on. Morris told Rosemary he and Stacey Pierrot had emptied her daughters home of everything but a large box of family photographs.

“Do you want them?” Morris asked.

“Of course….I want them!” answered the mother of a world famous woman artist, who is demonized…

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