The Oakland Bohemian Class

Gavin Newsom is very close with members of the Getty family – who I am related to – via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. My daughter is kin to these people, but, is determined to make her mother famous in what amounts to a great Cultural Trick. Patrice Hanson is a California Loser who migrated from Chicago with the son of a Chicago Black Panther. Patrice Hanson is not a Native Californian like Heather and I. I keep going home, back to Oakland – in my dreams!

California is in trouble, as is Gavin Newsom. Our Family Connections are not being exploited, along with our literary and art history. Heather could not throw the Culture she was born into – on the fire of Wasted Uncultured Lives – fast enough – because that is the correct title when millions hate and overthrow the pervading culture that made the history of California. White Californians have become the Perfect Example why California is not working – right! To make it WORK RIGHT all remaining vestiges of White Power -must be WIPED OUT!

Last night I was in a black cafe with my later friend, James Harkins. We were the only white people there. James is a Native Oaklander, too. When I went to pay our bill, the waitress would not take our money. She said; “We want to encourage your people to come back.”

A writer compared Hungary to California. I have been looking at the idea that California, Oregon, and Washington, become a part of Canada. They won’t have us.

James and I were like GHOSTS. I was homeless in Oakland, and so was he. James died twelve years ago.  Will it be ruled that White Ghosts, and Old Hippies, can not go to California unless they abandon their White Memories – leave them at the border?

John ‘Son of The California Red Star’

Have the parties switched sides on patriotism? (

Over the last few weeks, those associations have been reversed. Now it’s conservatives wrapping themselves in the mantle of dissent, while progressives contend they should accept America as it is or pack their bags.

Liberal journalist Matt Yglesias responded by wondering why conservatives don’t move to Hungary if they like it so much? He went on to argue that by many measures the United States is a richer and more attractive society. It’s not just about comparisons of GDP. According to Yglesias, our food is better, too. Breakfast tacos: love them or leave them!

Republicans’ New Safe Space Is Letting People Die To Fight ‘Democrat Overreach’ (

How Hungary’s Viktor Orbán destroyed democracy, and what it means for America – Vox

Calexit: The Secession of California (

Immigration: “Independence means California will be able to decide what immigration policies make sense for our diverse and unique population, culture, and economy, and that we’ll be able to build an immigration system that is consistent with our values.”

Rosamond Press

Oakland California may have been the Capitol of World Bohemianism. Ken Babbs read from oneof his small books about partying with Sonny Barger.

The Bad Peanut ofTemescal

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William Carter Spann was the manager of the building I lived in on Shafter with Gloria Ehlers. Bill may be the foremost celebrity of the Bohemian enclave gathering momentum in Temescal, an area in Oakland next to Rockridge. There is a Friday Art Walk and neighborhood fair. I love the Temescal Alley.

The news tonight said President Carter has cancer. His nephew died of exposure. He was a homeless person suffering from AIDS. He called himself ‘The Bad Peanut’. The first time I paid my rent I asked him why he had peanut bags hanging on the wall with the name CARTER.

“My uncle is the Governor of Georgia, and we own peanut farms.”

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