Supporting Message to Karel Schwarzenberg

Here is the new group I formed, and my message to Karel Schwarzenberg.

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Dear Karel;

I came upon your article posted on your facebook about a “Pirate Party” and the “Civil War” Above is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth with eyes and ears on her dress. This denotes the spy network she established to keep track of the Habsburg Spanish Empire, that the Schwarzenberg family was an ally of. The Jessie Scouts was formed around my relative, Jessie Benton-Fremont, in order to spy on the foreigners in Mexico, including Maximillian von Habsburg. John Fremont is a co-founder of the Abolitionist Republican Party, and was that parties first Presidential Candidate. Over a year ago it was revealed you are related to them and my Rosamond kin. You may be kin to John Wilson seen above – who looks like you! You may be kin to General Robert E. Lee, and Christopher Lee who is being knighted.

I am kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and Ian Fleming who created the spy, James Bond, who was assigned a number invented by John Dee. Dee was Queen Elizabeth’s favorite councilor. He appears to have set up the Queen’s Spy Unit. Dee was a guest of your relative, William Rosenberg, at Trebon castle where you might have stayed. Queen Elizabeth sent Sir Francis Drake on a exploration of the New World. Drake claimed California for Elizabeth, naming it New Albion.

I am looking for people to establish a Euro-California origination who would represent the interests of our Allies in trade across the Pacific. Fremont helped secure California and the Oregon Territory from the Russians and British. We would be honored if you would lend your expertise in this formation. Your openness and transparency – is stellar! California has the fifth largest economy in the world – that would become even more power with a bond with European Nations! I do not see the New Albion Union being run by politicians, but by men and women who own a certain vision, that I hope you can help define.

I was raised Catholic. Members of the Order of Saint Francis are my relatives. The Rosamond family were members of the Orange Lodge. As a theologian, I have ideas that will end the divide between the Catholic and Protestant Religion, and aim those ears and eyes at those who mean to do us harm, and take away our Common Liberty.


John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Support Karel Schwarzenberg. I just formed a new group. Karel Schwarzenberg and his family have stood up to the greatest tyrants of our time. My Preskowitz ancestors came to American from Bohemia. Karel complains that Putin treats the Czech Republic like a colony. Many Bohemians found a new home in Nebraska. Let us create an organization similar to the British Defence Staff of Washington so we can own a Hands Across the Water Bond, that will stand up to all tyrants, as is our Common Tradition.

(1) Support Karel Schwarzenberg | Facebook

The History of the Trebon Castle

The Trebon Castle is one of the largest castle complexes in the Czech Republic. A Renaissance Chateau was built on the site of the original gothic castle by the Lords of Rozmberk between 1562 – 1611. In 1660, the castle was acquired by the Schwarzenbergs, a significant noble family who contributed the baroque extension in the outer courtyard of the castle. The Schwarzenberg family owned the castle until 1940, when the property was seized by the Gestapo. The State Castle of Trebon was declared a National Cultural Monument of the Czech Republic in 2001.

Třeboň chateau,

Analysing Portraits / Historical Association (

Thomas Wilson – Shakespeare – Rhetoric | Rosamond Press

New Albion, also known as Nova Albion, was the name of the continental area north of Mexico claimed by Sir Francis Drake for England when he landed on the North American west coast in 1579. This claim became the justification for English charters across America to the Atlantic coast and soon influenced further national expansion projects on the continent. Today, Drake’s landing site is known as Point ReyesCalifornia, a marine environment which is the setting of several small towns, ranches, and Point Reyes National Seashore.

New Albion – Wikipedia


(1527- 1607)Astronomer, mathematician and alchemist

Born in 1527 in London to the family of a rich businessman. He studied mathematics and astronomy on the Paris and Cambridge universities, then extensively travelled, acquainting himself with alchemy and magic on his trips around Europe. He served as the astronomer and mathematician at the court of the English Queen Elizabeth who in 1583 entrusted him with a secret diplomatic mission at the emperor Rudolf II\’s court in Prague. Dee came to Prague with Edward Kelley. After losing favour in Prague, he came to the service of Wilhelm von Rosenberg. He lived most of his time at Třeboň castle, until in 1589 he left the service of Wilhelm and returned back to England.

John Dee (

John Dee and James Bond | Rosamond Press

John Dee and The Prostestant Queen | Rosamond Press

John Dee – Sea Lord of The Ghost Fleet | Rosamond Press

Czech alchemy: In the Footsteps of John Dee and Edward Kelley |

New Albion – Wikipedia

John Wilson (Puritan minister) – Wikipedia

Sir John Robert Wilson II, Earl of Cuper, Burgess of Edinborough (1425–1492) • FamilySearch

16 mind-blowing facts about California’s economy | Markets Insider (

Karel Schwarzenberg 

July 16 at 11:33 AM  · Ivan Bartoš, President of the Pirate Party after a meeting with the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli said that both politicians agreed on the need to strengthen the role of the European Parliament. The Pirate Party also supports the majority voting system in the Council of the European Union instead of a unanimous decision, for example on security or tax issues. The European MP Kolaja informed about this.At Prague European Summit, Slovenian President Bohut Pahor said he would wish the European Union a constitution and a European president. The proper discussion on these issues has not even started yet, and the Czech Republic has already heard from us in defense of national sovereignty, that further strengthening of the European Union would be a disadvantage and destruction for the Czech Republic. Of course, every young political unit like the EU is evolving and cannot stay put. One hundred and sixty years ago, a civil war broke out in the United States on a similar issue. Southern states separated themselves from the US and created the Confederation because they thought that national powers should not be too restricted and that internal affairs should be solved by themselves. That was the main question. Emotively, however, it played a bigger role that slavery would still be in the Southern states. But the key question for many Confederate supporters was whether to limit the powers of individual North American states for the benefit of the Union. As it is known, the unionists won. Thank God, this discussion may not lead to civil war in Europe, but the problem remains and the real question is whether we want to allow a real European Union to be created. Because the key foreign policy issues mentioned and the IR issues are just one of many other problems. Such as common defense, security etc. We should approach this a little more rational and sensible. Really start discussing the benefits and disadvantages of one solution and not dismissing all discussion beforehand. History never remains standing, we should realize that, really think and look for honest solutions to the future of Europe.We have been very lucky so far. From the founding Treaty of Rome in the s to today, the European Union managed to develop without a single war conflict. I remind you that both Germany and Italy fought three wars to unite and that problems from the table will not disappear when we refuse to discuss them. Surely majority decision making or choosing a common head of the European State would be a significant step forward. In my opinion, if we really want to be Europeans of the future, this step does not restrict national identities or Germans, French or even us Czechs. And even, and the Slovenian president probably suspects, rather it will facilitate the future of smaller nations. Because within the European Union they are at least legally equal and have a much bigger word than in Europe more decisions based on economic power or population of individual states. Let us imagine if, as in the prewar era, we were subjected to the unlimited pressures of European powers and Russia. That time the smaller states really paid for it. But apparently we are trying to follow the German proverb that what can’t be can’t be. I don’t know, but I have a great doubt that refusing a true and thorough discussion will help us significantly into the future. For fun, read the Prime Minister’s angry article on this topic in today’s Lidovky. Pirates, of course, continue to defend Czech interests in Brussels, but not the interests of Agrofert and its political branches, the ANO movement. We can have different ideas about the Czech future, but we should no longer blame ourselves for betrayal. Let’s finally learn to have a cultured discussion. Written for Blog Currently.

Ask Karel Schwarzenberg

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VideosSee All30:45Okolní svět nám nemůže být jedno, jsme malý národ. Týká se nás všechno. Kapitulovali jsme v roce 1938, 1948 a 1968 a já jsem velice šťastný, že teď, zdá se, kapitulovat nebudeme. Náš národ by se měl chovat sebevědomě a statečně, i kdyby ho to mělo stát oběti. Děkuji za pozvání do podcastu TOP 09.

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Facebook © 2021ActiveCreate PostPhoto/VideoCheck inTag FriendsKarel Schwarzenberg Yesterday at 7:17 AM  · Musíme se vždycky jasně chovat tak, aby každý věděl, že když na nás zaútočí, tak že se budeme bránit. Ne, že budeme zase kapitulovat.

We must always behave clearly so that everyone knows that when they attack us, we will defend ourselves. Not that we will capitulate again.

Daniela Drtinová, presenter

But can Mr President only be viewed bilaterally as a bilateral relationship? After all, the Czech Republic is part of a whole. Can you only separate the czech Republic Russia from this bilateral relationship?

Karel Schwarzenberg, Honorary Chairman of TOP 09 and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

To a certain extent, because, as I said at the beginning. Denmark, Portugal and Belgium are also members of NATO and the European Union, and russia treats them normally. So it’s something a little different. Both danes and Belgians feel the same way about Russia’s human rights violations as we do. We are no different here, but they differ us in that Russia does not see them as former members of the Warsaw Pact and, in fact, as a former colony.

Erkinger I von Seinsheim, Baron of Schwarzenberg – Wikipedia

The Wilson-Rosamond Altered Lineage | Rosamond Press

Karel Schwarzenberg | Facebook

I would like Russia not to treat us like a former colony of | TOP 09

No, I’m just in the business of having normal relations with all the states. And unfortunately, it’s difficult with Russia. I am not in the process of joining the Commonwealth of Independent States, but I would like the Russians to treat us as they treat the Danes or the Belgians or the Portuguese. Not to be treated like their former colony.

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