Bond a Black Woman?

Folks on my 007 group are freaking out about the poster above. Who wants a job?

British Defence Staff in the USA – GOV.UK (


i wish you people would stop with this crap, this woman as 007 WOULD DESTROY the franchise PERIOD , Bond IS a white male with a British accent PERIOD so STOP with all this PC Diverse replace whitey with a black BS already because you can;t make an profitable black hero series . of all spy series n characters bond IS the least fictional because n the MOST REAL character cuz bond was based on one of two real life white male spies ….

Only’…what a bunch of twats….suggesting Bond might be portrayed as openly gay/bi-sexual/black/a female…come on!!! Gimme a break…James Bond will (and always should be) a pussy hound/white/English and a sexist bigot….fuck off all you snowflakes who suggest otherwise…..please forgive my lack of political correctness…it just doesn’t suit me….or Bond….

James bond 007 fan group | Facebook

Here is my friend. His parents wrote about Fela who was befriended by the Black Panthers. A musical was made from that bio.

In 1988 I wrote a long letter to the Shembe Zulu and told them I would like to be considered a Nazarite member. If you know the history of the British empire, you see white Brits and Scotts were all over the world. My Bond novels are anti-Chinese and Russian propaganda. I did this dance at a poetry and Jazz reading. If I want Zulu Nazarites in my books and movies, then they will be there.

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