The Restored Rose of Bohemia

I found the Rose Lineage and Rose Sword. Rena and I are destined to get married in Lincoln Nebraska – and wear crowns!


Bohemian Rose Of Nebraska | Rosamond Press

The Hidden Seed of Roseville | Search Results | Rosamond Press

The Hidden Rose Seed | Rosamond Press

Rosamond Press

I have been elected!

Thirty years ago I read the Bible for the first time. I was forty-two. What I saw, was John the Baptist, Jesus, and the Disciples had opened the Judaic Religion – to everyone! Saul-Paul closed The First Church, and shut out the Jews. Therefore, I declare the Catholic and Protestant Churches – dead! Only the Moravian Church – survives! This Church is open to everyone!

John Rose ‘The Hidden Seed of Bohemia’

Rose of Bohemia, style in Prague and roots in Vienna

Rose of Bohemia, by Chr. Vetter, 1668

Alles Erdreich Ist Österreich Untertan, Austriae Est Imperare Orbi Universo

(“All the world is subject to Austria” or “Austria is the Empire of the entire world”, usually abbreviated to A.E.I.O.U., the motto of Emperor Frederick III of Habsburg and of the Habsburg…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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