Heather Hanson and Neo-Nazis

Where are you, Mark? You were always jealous of me, and, then Christine! I will be authoring a proposal to Netflix for a series about TWO OPPOSITES. One brother is a Conservative Neo-Nazi Bully who hates the Arts, and the other brother is a Liberal Artist Theologian – who taught his sister how to paint, she becoming one of the highest paid woman artists in history. Our relationship is similar to that of Cal and Aaron in ‘East of Eden’. 

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Rosamond Press

My daughter and her family backed Vicki, Mark, and the Cornwells, who are Neo-Nazis. By the way Mark Presco treated me, I am certain he knew the truth, that Shamus Dundon took our niece, Drew Benton, fishing at Rocky Point. Heather Hanson comes off as the Champion of Women, but she played a huge role in destroying the Artistic Legacy of Rosamond and her brother John.

Drew And Shamus Were Fishing | Rosamond Press

Below is the testimony of my niece, Shannon Rosamond, who Heather and her family could care less about. I informed Heather and Patrice Hanson of how Vicki led the attack on Shannon, with Stacey Pierrot and Jacci Belford – joining in! Mark told me he read Tom Snyder’s book of lies – before it was published! I am sure he read the report that I sent John Detro and the Sheriff. Not once did he confer…

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