Nazorite in Holy Blood, Holy Grail

Jesus is called a prophet, but does not prophesize. Paul does not mention Jesus was an alleged king.

Rosamond Press

When I read Holy Blood, Holy Grail in 1990, I had already begun my novel ‘The Lion of God’ where I depict John the Baptist as the ‘Savior of the Jews’ because Jesus failed to save the Jews – or so they say! In my book, John did not point to Jesus as ‘The One’ because he proved not to be ‘The One’. As a devout Jew, and not a Christian, John had no interest in saving gentiles. Thus, he remains “The greatest prophet born of woman” BUT what became of his prophecy – HIS WORDS?

Jon Presco

There is something about the whole Gospel account that just doesn’t seem to flow without some filler. The following is from a book, HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL pp 344-45, that adds some very pertinent detail.

“The gospel account of Matthew states explicitly that Jesus was of royal blood – a genuine king…

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