Clan Harvey and Seinsheim Line

Český Krumlov Castle – Wikipedia

Marketa Rózmberka b. Abt 1337 Český Krumlov, South Bohemia, Czech Republic d. 1399: The Stevens and McKay families (

Here is the line from the rulers of Bohemia to members of Clan Harvey, thus the Seinsheim bloodline did not die out. The name ‘Le Bruce’ is interesting. Rosemary wanted my brother and I to play the bagpipes because of the scant history she owned from her father, Royal Rosamond. We are kin to Hepburn. Now we know why Rev. John Wilson was born at Windsor. Need I say I have every right to protect my family history from usurpers. Buck would agree.

John Presco

Tartan Details – The Scottish Register of Tartans (

Rev. John Wilson, Sr. b. Dec 1588 Windsor, Berkshire, England d. 6 Aug 1667 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts: The Stevens and McKay families (

Sarah Wilson b. 1650 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut d. 1725 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts: The Stevens and McKay families (

Robert Wilson (c.1675 – 1745) – Genealogy (

Heinrich von Seinsheim[1]

Heinrich von Seinsheim b. 1298 d. 21 Jan 1345: The Stevens and McKay families (

Margaret Baxter Harvie b. 29 Sep 1450 Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland d. 1470 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland: The Stevens and McKay families (

Statue of Sir William Harvey by Joy, A Bruce at The Courtauld Institute (

Edward Burne-Jones | Frederick Hollyer

Sir William Harvey/Harvie le Bruce (1410-1470) » Family Tree Hugh J. McNichol IV » Genealogy Online (

Sir Andrew “Baxter” Harvie (Harvey), Earl of Glasgow (± 1430-± 1498) » Family tree Cromer/Russell/Buck/Pratt » Genealogy Online (

Household of Sir Andrew “Baxter” Harvie (Harvey), Earl of Glasgow

He had a relationship with Lady Elizabeth “Eliza or Elspeth” Hepburn, Countess of Glasgow.

Sir William Le Bruce Harvie 1410-1470 – Ancestry®


Motto:  “Veritas Vincit” which means “Truth conquers”

Chief:  The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Kintore

Names Associated with Clan Harvey:  HERVEY/HERVIE/HARVEY/HARVIE.


Origins of the name:

This ancient surname, well recorded in Scotland, has two possible sources, the first being from the Breton personal name “Aeruiu” or “Haerviu”, composed of the elements “haer”, meaning battle, and “vy”, – worthy. The 1086 Domesday has various references to followers of William the Conqueror, including Herueu de Berruarius of Suffolk, and later Heuei de Castre of Lincoln, in 1157. These were not surnames, although in fact the first surname recording was only just behind. The second source is Irish. It is said that a Galway clan called originally the O’hAirmheadhaigh, did ‘anglicise’ their name to Harvey or Harvie.

The Gaelic translates as ‘the descendant of the son of Airmed’. The surname is generally recorded as Harvey, Harvie, Hervie and Hervey, and early recordings include William Hervy of Essex in 1232, Warin Harvi in the Pipe Rolls of Cambridge for the year 1273, and John Hervy, burgess of Aberdeen in 1398. The roll of famous namebearers includes William Harvey (1578 – 1657), who discovered the circulation of the blood in 1616, whilst Edmond Harvey, a Parliamentarian Colonel, was one of the fifty three regicides who signed the death warrant of Charles 1st in January 1649. Beauchamp Bagenal Harvey was one of the 1798 leaders of the Irish rebellion, whilst curiously Robert Hervie of Scotland was a member of the Huntly Volunteer force, raised to combat a possible French-Irish invasion. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William Hervi, which was dated 1190, in the ‘Calendar of Abbot Samson of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk’, during the reign of King Richard 1, known as “The Lionheart”, 1189 – 1199.


There are those who could argue that the Keith Clan name more correctly would be Harvey.In the time of David I, King of Scotland (about 1160), a Scottish Knight named Hervey is said to have obtained a grant of the north-west portion of the lands of Keith, in East Lothian (near Aberdeen). From the owner, it was called Keith-Hervey. It was this Hervey who held the office of King’s Marischal under Malcom IV and William the Lion. The title Marischal became hereditary, and was passed to his grandson Philip upon Hervey’s death in 1196. As was the custom at the time, the family became known by the name Keith, after the lands they possessed. The Keiths were a very powerful Celtic family in the far north of Scotland and their chiefs continued to hold the important office of Marischal of Scotland for six hundred years. Numerous Earl Marischals used the name Hervey or Harvey throughout their history. Famous episodes of their chronicles are a bloody and treacherous battle with their Norse neighbors, the Gunns, in 1464 and the rescue in Cromwell’s time of the Scottish Regalia which the sixth Earl Marischal hid safely at Dunottar Castle.


Ada Antoinette Erasmus[1]

Female 1430 – 1460  (30 years)

Personal Information    |    Sources    |    Event Map    |    All    |    PDF

  • NameAda Antoinette Erasmus Born1430 Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, England  GenderFemale Died1460 Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, England  Person IDI17677 McKay StevensLast Modified28 May 2019 
    FatherErkinger Eramus von Seinsheim,   b. 1362, Stephansberg, Kleinlangheim, Kitzingen, Unterfranken, Bavaria, Germany ,   d. 11 Dec 1437, Astheim, Unterfranken, Bavaria   (Age 75 years) MotherPrincess Barbara Abensberg,   b. Abt 1384, Abensberg, Niederbayern, Bavaria ,   d. 11 Nov 1448, Abensberg, Niederbayern, Bavaria, Germany   (Age ~ 64 years) Married21 Feb 1422 Family IDF9729 Group Sheet  |  Family Chart
    FamilyJohn Robert Wilson,   b. 1425, Cupar, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom ,   d. 1475, Cupar, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom   (Age 50 years) Married1449 Children  1. John William Wilson,   b. 1450, Cupar, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom ,   d. 22 Feb 1492, Blanefield, Stirlingshire, Scotland   (Age 42 years)Last Modified22 Sep 2020 Family IDF9728 Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

Margaret Baxter Harvie[1]

Female 1450 – 1470  (19 years)

Personal Information    |    Sources    |    Event Map    |    All    |    PDF

  • NameMargaret Baxter Harvie Born29 Sep 1450 Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland  GenderFemale Died1470 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland  Person IDI17674 McKay StevensLast Modified28 May 2019 
    FatherAndrew Baxter Harvey,   b. 1440, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom ,   d. 1498, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom   (Age 58 years) MotherElizabeth Hepburn,   b. Abt 1436, Hailes Castle, East Linton, East Lothian, Scotland ,   d. 1495, Eglington, North Ayrshire, Scotland   (Age ~ 59 years) MarriedAbt 1451 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland  Family IDF14760 Group Sheet  |  Family Chart
    FamilyJohn William Wilson,   b. 1450, Cupar, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom ,   d. 22 Feb 1492, Blanefield, Stirlingshire, Scotland   (Age 42 years) Married28 May 1469 Edinbirgh, Midlothian, Scotland  Children  1. Thomas Welbourne Wilson,   b. 1470, Strubby, East Lindsey District, Lincolnshire, England ,   d. 1530, Hartford, Cheshire West and Chester Unitary Authority, Cheshire, England   (Age 60 years)

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