Jazz Tides

John was a brother in AA. I believe in his poem ‘Bag of Wind’ he is saying – dead people tell tales. When I was blackballed after asking who invited the highest paid woman artist in the history of art – to stay the night in a famous home at Rocky Point – I considered calling Mr. Detro. Maybe he saw some discrepancies – that bothered him. Shamus told me John interviewed Vicky inside Rosamond’s home. Why didn’t Detro talk to my nephew – too? How about my niece, Drew? Was she there playing video games with her cousin?

I feel for John, like I did in 94. I gave him the story of a lifetime, and, he got talked out of pursuing it? Did his boss at the Pinecone tell him to stay out of it, and don’t ask who lives at Rocky Point? Did he discover a billionaire lived there? His neighbor told me on the phone Mr. Fox was in a awful hurry to sell the house my sister’s stayed the night in, and sold it at way under what it was worth. He wanted out of there! A good reporter – would have rushed to the scene. They could have send a helicopter?

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Did John think he was alas in with The In-crowd as he talked to Rosamond’s sister. Who knows where his article will lead him? He was into Jazz. If he had lived, and he had called me – and not Jacci Belford – we might have become good friends.

“Jazz Tides”. How ominous. Christine Presco had nightmares about dying by a giant wave. Why would she take her eight year old daughter down to that dangerous place? I am going to contact a professional photographer and see if her will go down into the dangerous cove and take some photographs. Mr. Detro could have taken a Pinecone photographer there. It’s only a twenty minute drive from town. If only I had called the Montery Herald!

Hey. Wait a minute! Is Detro sending me his revised report – from beyond the grave?

John’s poem sounds like the movie ‘Play Misty For Me’. Clint was present when Rosamond presented her portrait of Jimmy Stewart to a – real star! If he only had a chance to do it over. If Christine had not gone down into that cover! Why didn’t anyone try to stop her? I would have – if I was there!

John Presco

The Surviving Presco

Clint Eastwood, Jazz Superfan : A Blog Supreme : NPR

BRUNI Gallery (brunijazzart.com)

Jazz Tides

(About BRUNI)

by John Detro


Dear One,

I love you. We’re quite similar, you know- those holy work highs;

those gnashing lows. But…give any problems over to the true solution: God.

Give anything to God for a few days (don’t think about the situation)

and it’s God’s for good.

Imagine how many times God heard “no” before certain ones said


Yes I will paint it the way you say

Yes I will write it as you wish

Yes I will have your child

God loves surprises and the folks who say Yes.

– JD

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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