Marrying Gays to the Zionist Cause

How long did Jewish Rabbis know the Tribe of Dan were not Jews? The Conservative Supreme Court – who might be members of the Rapture Cult – have made it harder for black people to vote, while at the same time wanting the Jews to rebuild the temple so Jesus will come back for them – just them? Trumpism is now a cult. When will his statue be made?

“Hail King David – Lord of America! Thou art a perfect male specimen! Michelangelo did not do you justice! Hail oh clever one of Jesus!”


On coronavirus beliefs, ‘It’s evangelical Protestants against everyone else’ – Baptist News Global

Blessing Point | Four Signs Your Church is Becoming a Cult

Top House Democrat Says Republicans Are ‘Part Of A Cult’ Centered On Trump (

Jeffries said while Democrats are a “coalition of people trying to get things done,” far too many Republicans are “part of a cult where they’re still bending the knee to Donald Trump.”

Many Trump voters are skeptical of the Covid-19 vaccines. This may be the way to convince them. (

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11:46 a.m. EDT October 29, 2014

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