The Spector Rose

I have been spinning my wheels by trying to get Alcohol Justice for my late sister and myself. I should have gotten on the Exploitation Band Wagon that Sydney Morris and Robert Buck blessed – even created! To discover Al Pacino stars in a series about Phil Spector, who murdered the best friend of my ex brother-in-law, has opened my Private Third Eye! This is the approach I should have firmly taken instead of “flitting” about as Belle Burch accused me of. Kim Haffner went right to – The Point! It worked for her that I was a deranged Acidhead on the verge of wiping out my neighbors. Haffner is addicted to gruesome detective stories. Alley Valkyrie used the homeless to create her Zombie Army – that attacked City Hall. Chucky Trump is trying to make a comeback by saying there is a bevy of Racistly Woke Black Generals – on the march get Whitey – Helter Skelter!

I am now convinced that everyone thinks I am working a Fake Death of Rosamond angle – for profit! Why wouldn’t I? It is – THE SANE THING TO DO! Doctor Phil does not fix any of the deranged people that appear on his show – HE EXPLOITS THEM!

Did my sick subconscious raise Lana from the dead to be Victoria Rosemond Bond’s psychotic bodyguard – who could have been The Queen of the Barbarians, if she had not found Jesus. Does Haffner have fantasies about me attacking her – after I get Transsexual operations? Who cares? As long as I have a million dollars to buy a condo in LA – with a guard at the door.

John Presco

Phil Spector and Rick Partlow

Posted on December 15, 2014 by Royal Rosamond Press

Christine 1977 2

I just discovered Rick Partlow was very close with the actress, Lana Clarkson, who was murdered by Phil Spector. Rick was married to my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, in 1977-80. Rick is an actor who won an Emmy for his Foley work. Rick and Christine were at my wedding reception, after I married Mary Ann Tharaldsen, the ex-wife of the writer, Thomas Pynchon.

Jon Presco


Lana Jean Clarkson (April 5, 1962 – February 3, 2003) was an American actress and fashion model. During the 1980s she rose to prominence in several sword-and-sorcery films. In February 2003, Clarkson was fatally shot by songwriter and producer Phil Spector in the lobby of his mansion. Spector was charged and convicted of second degree murder on April 13, 2009.[1]

The Pyrneese Castle Syndrome

Posted on January 17, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

I am considering abandoning my autobiography ‘Capturing Beauty’ and authoring a fake psychological thriller called…The Pyrenees Castle Syndrome. It goes like this:

Lana Clarkson knew better than to get in Phil Spector’s Rolls Royce, and drive up the windy drive to his Pyrenees Castle. She had heard about, and read about, how this famous fiend captured women and held them hostage. But did she even listen to her girlfriend’s warnings? No!

Here is my favoite image of Belle Burch – deep in thought. Her baby face is contemplating how she can reel in the sucker who already took the hook – and go after the new sucker – who is capturing her with his camera. I think she is fighting the urge to stick her tongues out at me – that has got her good results in the pass. I am fully aware of what is going on. Did I put my camera down, turn, and walk away? No!

How many respectable White Republican Women saw the crazy people around them that were drawn to Donald – like moths to a flame? How many knew he had fondled at least one woman against her will? Why wouldn’t there be others? Why would 47% of white women voters – vote for Trump again? They could have changed their mind. Did they? No!

Dennis Wilson picked up the same two Manson Women that were hitchihiking. The second time he brought them to his house. Coming home, he sees a bus parked in front. A small man approaches. Dennis asks;

“Are you going to hurt me?”

“Why would I want to hurt you?” That said, Charlie drops to his knees and kisses the feet of a Beach Boy – who is famous for not able to stay out of trouble……..his whole life!

Phil Spector died yesterday in prison, where all chronic trouble-makers belong. What percentage of Democrat Women think Trump should be – locked up?

Dennis had seventeen Manson Women in his home conducting orgies on acid. They took him for everything he had. They took him to get penicillin shots when they gave him the clap. Dennis was terrified of these people. Terrified! His mind was completely blown. How women could condone The Evil Charlie did? These women cut off the breasts of the women they murdered.

My ex-brother-in-law was close with Lana Clarkson. The storming of the castle is back.

Phil Spector and Rick Partlow | Rosamond Press

John Presco

‘White Women Voted for Trump’ Is the Worst Election Trope (

“In the subsequent years, Wilson allegedly received death threats from members of the Manson Family, who telephoned his home and told him: “You’re next”.[50] In 1976, he commented that “I don’t talk about Manson. I think he’s a sick fuck. I think of Roman and all those wonderful people who had a beautiful family and they fucking had their tits cut off. I want to benefit from that?”[53] In the 1978 biography The Beach Boys and the California Myth, Wilson acknowledged the interest in his relationship with Manson and said: “I know why [he] did what he did. Someday, I’ll tell the world. I’ll write a book and explain why he did it.”[50] According to biographer Mark Dillon: “Some attribute [Wilson’s] subsequent spiral of self-destructive behavior ― particularly his drug intake ― to these fears and feelings of guilt for ever having introduced this evil Wizard into the Hollywood scene.”[39]

Wilson’s first wife Carole Freedman later told journalist Tom O’Neill that Wilson and other members of the Hollywood community had closer associations to Manson than what had been reported on the public record. O’Neill quoted Freedman saying that “It’s a scary thing, and anyone who knows anything will never talk.”[42]

Dennis Wilson – Wikipedia

When members of the mob of insurrectionists who stormed the U.S. Capitol broke into the Senate chamber, one man called the siege an “information operation” and directed others to rifle through paperwork left behind by fleeing lawmakers and aides.

“There’s got to be something in here we can f—ing use against these s–mbags,” said one member of the mob who was caught on camera rifling through papers by New Yorker reporter Luke Mogelson, who documented the siege.

“I think [Sen. Ted] Cruz would want us to do this, so I think we’re good,” said another rioter.

Mogelson’s video footage — published this weekend by the New Yorker — offers a detailed look into the mob’s Jan. 6 seizure of the Capitol. The group convened outside the building in an effort to keep Congress from certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, and were egged on by President Trump and other Republican lawmakers who claimed the election was a fraud.“You are outnumbered,” one member of the mob recorded by Mogelson shouts at police as the mob reached the inside of the building. “There’s a f—ing million of us out there and we are listening to Trump, your boss.”

Video: New York man accused of breaking window in Capitol attack (Associated Press)PauseCurrent Time 0:21/Duration 0:49Loaded: 100.00%Unmute0LOCaptionsFullscreenNew York man accused of breaking window in Capitol attackClick to expand

When the rioters reached the Senate chamber, one man yelled, “While we’re here we might as well set up a government.”

A man carrying zip-tie handcuffs who appears to be Air Force Lt. Col. Larry Brock shouts for other members of the mob to get out of Vice President Mike Pence’s seat in the Senate, saying the crowd “can’t be disrespectful” after members beat police officers to storm the building.

Brock, who was arrested last week for his involvement in the mob, later says the group was engaged in “a P.R. war.”

Brock’s plea didn’t stop Jacob Chansley, aka Jake Angeli, from sitting in Pence’s seat while wearing a horned hat and face paint. Chansley — who has also been arrested and charged for his role in the riot — is seen on video shouting into a megaphone for others to join him for a prayer.

“I’m going to take a sit in this chair, because Mike Pence is a f—ing traitor,” Chansley sho

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