Putin vs. Goldbrick Think Tank

Goldbricking is the practice of doing less work than one is able to, while maintaining the appearance of working. “

A month ago I founded The Goldbrick Think Tank. Goldbrick denotes wise-guys sitting around all day doing nothing but think about stuff. Yesterday I and Mr. Spooky McNoodles began discussing what affect – if any – the new cold war is having on OUR YOUTH. Later on I found a new candidate for Victoria Rosemond Bond. She is an American Artist with speech impediment. I asked her if she would make movie review videos for my blog. She is crazy for movies. I have been making mind-videos of her debut as the New Bond, the audience laughing when they hear her lisp. But, then they get it. Everyone is welcome to be a spy. I want young people to be – engaged! I want them on – her side!

Goldbricking – Wikipedia

I am going to try to make contact with… Elizabeth Lydia Manningham-Buller, Baroness Manningham-Buller…..and remind her it was the youth of San Francisco that was receptive to the British Invasion. I will mention my later friend, Ben Toney, who captained London Radio. They say Beatlemania brought down the Iron Curtain. I will tell her that I was a Hippie Tactition that helped OUTHINK the U.S. Military, and, possibly got the attention of Rena’s ex-husband who was with the British Defense Staff – Washington in the seventies.

With Russia threatening to NUKE-US, I will be making live broadcasts from the Ghost of Armstrong Radio Station. Too bad it was torn down or I would gather a group of Cyberloafers at KORE, and paint their feet as I THINK-A-LOUD!

For Cyber-sucking sake! Does it really take much effort to beat that……Born Loser?

Augustus John, Ian Fleming, and Ben Toney | Rosamond Press

Ian Easton – Wikipedia

Captain John-John ‘Wizard Cowboy at Large’ ‘King of Cyberloafing’

“Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned on Thursday that his country would no longer fire warning shots at British vessels that enter the waters near Crimea, Reuters reported.

“We can appeal to common sense, demand respect for international law, and if that doesn’t work, we can bomb,” Ryabkov said to Russian media.

Future bombs would be placed “on target” and not just in the vessel’s path, according to Ryabkov.

Russia warns it will bomb British vessels next time after firing warning shots (msn.com)

Why Russia’s Black Sea Threats Were a Huge Win For Putin Against the West (msn.com)

Pentagon Insider Warns Joe Biden Against ‘Major War’ With China in Open Letter (msn.com)

The contested versions of events started on Wednesday when Russia’s defense ministry announced its border patrol vessel had fired “warning shots” to deter the Royal Navy’s HMS Defender as it sailed from Odessa, Ukraine to Georgia.

Moscow also said it deployed Su-24 aircraft to drop bombs along the route of the vessel’s route, which it accused of encroaching three kilometers (1.8 miles) into Russian waters as it passed Cape Fiolent, Crimea.

The U.K Ministry of Defence (MOD) countered by saying no shots had been fired, and that Moscow’s claims that bombs were dropped in the vessel’s path and the ship had changed course, were wrong too.

“It is fairly clear that overall, the picture that has emerged shows that Russia is making it up,” said Keir Giles, senior consulting fellow of the Russia and Eurasia Program at London’s Chatham House think tank.

“However, that is not with some self-inflicted injuries on the U.K. side along the way,” he told Newsweek.https://www.dianomi.com/smartads.epl?id=3533

Sensing a narrative warfare opportunity, Russia got ahead of the U.K in shaping the messaging about the incident.

Also, aboard HMS Defender were British journalists whose accounts presented a far more dramatic story of high seas drama involving Russian fighter jets buzzing the ship which was jarred with the MOD’s statements which played down events.

“The U.K. has shot itself in the foot by not putting out a consistent message and therefore leaving itself open to doubt and making people more inclined to trust Russia,” Giles said, “Russia also knows that a lot of people abroad will believe what Russia says.”

Even if a factcheck debunks Moscow’s claims, the Kremlin has achieved its goal of promoting a narrative for its domestic audience that Russia faces a hostile foreign threat which it is more than capable of seeing off.

Giles said that Russia had wanted to portray that there had been a highly dangerous situation which risked miscalculation and the possibility of a direct clash which could spiral.

Chatham House – International Affairs Think Tank

Black Sea incident is Russia telling the same old story | Chatham House – International Affairs Think Tank

Chatham House – Wikipedia

Eliza Manningham-Buller – Wikipedia

Chatham House, also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an independent policy institute headquartered in London. Its mission is to provide authoritative commentary on world events and offer solutions to global challenges. It is the originator of the Chatham House Rule. Its presidents are Baroness Manningham-BullerLord Darling of Roulanish and Sir John Major.[1]

Elizabeth Lydia Manningham-Buller, Baroness Manningham-BullerLGDCB (born 14 July 1948) is a retired British intelligence officer. She was Director General of MI5, the British internal Security Service, from October 2002 until her retirement on 20 April 2007, aged 58. She became a crossbench life peer on 18 April 2008.[1] She is Co-president of Chatham House, alongside Sir John Major and Alistair Darling, Lord Darling of Roulanish.[2]

As of 2020, she is listed as #86 in Forbes list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.[3]

She was a senior liaison officer working out of Washington, D.C. to the US intelligence community over the period of the first Gulf War, before leading the newly created Irish counter-terrorism section from 1992 when MI5 were given the lead responsibility for such work (from the Metropolitan Police).

Ian Easton – Wikipedia

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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    I have a touchstone that tells me how right I am after my enemies are certain this time – I have gone completely insane! My Goldbrick Think Tank would have done a better job of keeping OUR PLAN – safe! Nearly 50 pages of emails, PowerPoint slides, and documents detailing Royal Navy defense operations were recovered by an anonymous “member of the public” at the stop in Kent last Tuesday and apparently belong to a senior Ministry of Defense official, according to the BBC, which reviewed the materials.

    “MOD was informed last week of an incident where sensitive defence papers were recovered by a member of the public,” the defense ministry wrote on Twitter on Sunday. “We take security extremely seriously and have launched an investigation.”

    The ministry added that the employee who lost the papers reported the loss at the time.


    Some of the documents reportedly discuss how Russia was expected to respond to the Royal Navy’s HMS Defender sailing through the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea on Wednesday, which the defense ministry called an “innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters” in the materials.

    The ministry’s expectation was that Russia, which annexed Crimea in 2014, would respond with aggression, according to the BBC’s review of the documents. Over 20 Russian aircraft and two ships reportedly responded to the HMS Defender’s journey through the Black Sea last week with warning shots. Moscow said it fired the shots directed at the ship, though the British government denies that the shots were fired, the outlet reported.

    Another section reportedly detailed other recent interactions between British and Russian forces in the region, calling them “in line with expectations,” the document said but added that changes are expected.

    “Following the transition from defence engagement activity to operational activity, it is highly likely that RFN (Russian navy) and VKS (Russian air force) interactions will become more frequent and assertive,” a presentation reportedly said.


    Most of the materials within the trove of documents were marked “official sensitive,” which is not a highly sensitive classification level, though documents discussing the U.K. military’s plans for operations in Afghanistan after the United States pulls out were marked as “Secret U.K. Eyes Only.”

    “Any U.K. footprint in Afghanistan that persists … is assessed to be vulnerable to targeting by a complex network of actors,” the document says. It acknowledges that no British service members have been killed since the U.S. brokered its deal with the Taliban to reduce conflict in the country but says the lack of fatalities “would be unlikely to remain the status quo” amid violence in the region.

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