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I am a futurian. I read the signs. I warned you. In warn – is war.

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I know, and can feel, Amazon and the batch of writer they hired – are up shitcreek with no paddle! They want to keep DEAD Aragorn in their series. This is a huge mistake. The Christian crowd will be turned off. He’s already a Christ-like figure. To reborn a young version of him, is a disaster waiting to happen. Being a Biblical Scholar, I study how the Bible has been tweeked. You can not alter Genesis, unless you highlight what is hidden.

Guess who has the solution? This time I will not be giving it away for free. I want to sign a contract with Lara Roozemond to be OUR agent. A for Agent. A for ‘No Aragorn’. Am I thinking about a Female Aragorn? Yes, but, perhaps not. I have found the Missing Link – that will blow your mind!

I want to know their secret before I die!…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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