Upstaging Rosamond

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Tom Snyder must have been shocked to hear from Patrice saying she and her daughter no longer want to be in my autobiography, but want to be in Christine’s bio that he was authoring. I believe Patrice and Tom were secretly communicating behind my back, discussing plans about a MINOR CHILD. Tom still wanted me in his book, and Patrice knew it. Heather can take my place! How this WORKS is the strangest idea in Art History. Patrice, nor her family, nor her daughter, EVER MET the famous Rosamond. Christine did not know they existed – before she died! Why would she approve of this BETRAYAL of her brother – that is a family betrayal? What had Heather Hanson achieved that warranted this – attention? The answer is……..NOTHING! Only by being MY MIRACLE – coming TO ME after being sober for fourteen years – is Heather important. How much sobriety do the filmmakers in the REEL show have, sponsored by Alcohol Justice and Wells Fargo? The Hanson’s – still do not like my sobriety! Why? It upstaged THEIR STAR, and THE STAGE MOTHER – who is insane!

Patrice destroyed the story of John and Christine – that did not get told. This story is what fans of Rosamond want to read – and even see on the silver screen. Art Historians study the formative years for clues to an artist’s success. I have withheld most of OUR STORY lest parasites and usurpers – STEAL IT – and use it to qualify themselves. Christine knew little of the amazing family history I have recorded in this blog. A miracle bonding between her childless brother – with newfound daughter – is also a miracle Christine wants attached to her name. The Hanson sister – destroyed this bond and story. Heather Hanson was a MINOR CHILD when they disappeared her. Rosamond’s autobiography is also disappeared. In the last week I own a theory as to why.

All the photos of Heather are taken – after she was disappeared. They moved her and I had no telephone. I was being punished for not making Heather – THE TOP STAR! I believe Vicki Presco attended my daughters graduation. Dark Vicki was always in Christine’s shadow. Heather had long been – in my shadow. These two usurpers – teamed up – in order to upstage the world famous woman artist – Rosamond!

What Is a Momager and Should You Consider Becoming One? — Parent Academy (

Stage mother – Wikipedia

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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