The Mazing Rose Shoes

Hollywood and film-making has been dead for over a year due to deadly virus. I belong to several facebook groups that endlessly post on Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and James Bond. Pan’s Labyrinth has been compared to several stories by the Grimm brothers. In this video we see scenes from Sleeping Beauty who was named Rosamond. Ophelia wears red shoes as does Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Here we have Sean Connery entering the Vortex to find the truth about ZARDOZ……..wiZARD of OZ. Was Liz considered for the role of Dorothy?

John Rose-Rose

Pan’s Labyrinth: Disobedient Fairy Tale – YouTube

Screen legend Elizabeth Taylor is set to star in a sequel to the Wizard of Oz as a 60-year old Dorothy.

Her friend, Oscar-winning actor Rod Steiger, has written the script, which Ms Taylor has already approved.

He told reporters: “Elizabeth not only told me she wants to star, she has written me a note saying how much she wants to do it – and she would be perfect for it.”

The sequel tells the story of Dorothy, originally played by Judy Garland, wanting to go back to Oz when she is in her sixties.

Mr Steiger did not say whether Dorothy’s return would see her meet up with the classic characters such as the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Wicked Witch or the Wizard of Oz.

But he said he thought Ms Taylor was the right choice for the part of Dorothy.

“The part calls for a childish naivete, which Elizabeth has – in fact, she has too much of it,” he said.

“She has a child-like belief in things. Now, I just want to make sure she’s up to doing it.”

Ms Taylor has been plagued by a variety of health problems over the last few years, including three hip replacement operations and treatment for pain killer addiction.

In 1996, she divorced her seventh husband, Larry Fortensky, after four years of marriage.

On November 16, the Prince Michael of Kent visited the historic Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society in St. Petersburg. The visit took place within participation of the royal family member in the VI St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum which takes place in the Northern capital of Russia from November 16 to 18. Thousands of experts on culture from around the world attend the forum annually. Artists, directors, musicians, public figures, scientists and representatives of business circles are among them.

Prince Michael of Kent paid a visit to the Headquarters of the Russian Geographical Society | Russian Geographical Society (

Synchronicity in Pan’s Labyrinth

Posted on May 11, 2014 by Royal Rosamond Press


One indication that I have met a good friend, is their love of synchronicity. Belle Burch loved to make connections, gather and tie things together that no one else can see. When she told me she attended a French school and could speak fluent French, I wanted to take her to meet my friend, Virginia Hambley, as soon as possible. Virginia and her family are in line for the throne of France, if the monarchy is ever restored.

A year ago, my friend of seventeen years, got down on one knee, took my hand, and proposed marriage to me. I accepted. The next day she forgot what she had done. Virginia was in a terrible automobile accident when she was twenty and suffers from memory loss. A week later I proposed to her, on one knee. I put a cheap and garish ring on her finger knowing it would all come to not.

When Virginia was thirty, she got pregnant. Her mother made her get an abortion, and tied her tubes. Virginia would probably forget she had a baby. She asked me for my surname again.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and Elizabeth is coming to visit from New York. When I met Belle, I had a vision of extended family, where Virginia would be the second mother. I have longed to see her holding a baby. She has never been married.

Here is the synchronicity between Virginia and the movie Pan’s Labyrinth. When I learned that Belle’s parents were involved in a Labyrinth Walk I was never more believing in a divine reality that invites just a few to partake. We are going on a Labyrinth Walk. This is the real deal.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2014

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