The Cowboy Joe Luck Club

Barasso is a Catholic Italian from back east that moved to Wyoming where he joined the Cowboy Joe Club. Converting his Catholics Roots to good Ol Protectant Yeehaw Redneck Bullshitter Folks, he straps on a Jesus Gun, and heads down to the Christian O.K. Coral to challenge the President of the United States to a duel.

Are you sick of wild, crazy, and violent Jesus Freaks wearing cowboy hats, and attacking our Capitol and Democracy? What can we do about it? How about not buying their BEEF? Who in the hell do they think they are? Jesus is not on their side because they live in tiny town in a tiny populated state, where owning a tiny mind – is worshipped!

Real cowboys – aren’t LIARS! The real Jesus – hated LIARS! You are not supposed to lie when you go to confession. Barrasso kissed Trump’s ass – while he told many lies! Don’t buy


These Insurrectionist Fake Cowoys – are not done!


Israel responds to “arson balloons” with airstrikes on GazaIsraeli Aircraft Attack Hamas in Gaza Strip After Netanyahu Leaves Office

“On January 6, as the violent mob advanced on the House chamber, I was standing near @RepGosar and helped him open his gas mask,” Cheney said in a tweet on Tuesday. “The Capitol Police led us to safety. It is disgusting and despicable to see Gosar lie about that day and smear the men and women who defended us.”

Gosar, during a House hearing earlier in the day, said Capitol Police were “lying in wait” for Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed during the breach at the Capitol that day. Gosar reportedly described Babbitt as being “executed” by Capitol Police.”

Sen. John Barrasso (Wyo.) last week said he wants to make President Biden a “one-half term president” in 2022 by ensuring that Democrats no longer have complete control in Washington.

“I want to make Joe Biden a one-half term president. And I want to do that by making sure they no longer have the House, Senate, and White House,” he added.

When asked if he was advocating for removing Biden from office before his first term is up, Laura Mengelkamp, the senator’s communications director, told The Hill he was referring to the GOP winning the House and Senate next year, which would take away Democratic control of Washington and help Republicans win the White House in the next general election cycle.

“Sen. Barrasso’s remarks discussed his work to make sure Republicans take both the Senate and House in 2022, which would be the best way to effectively stop President Biden from moving his liberal agenda post-midterms, and position Republicans to win the White House in 2024,” Mengelkamp told The Hill.

A coalition of evangelical Christian leaders is condemning the role of “radicalized Christian nationalism” in feeding the political extremism that led to the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

In an open letter, more than 100 pastors, ministry and seminary leaders, and other prominent evangelicals express concern about the growing “radicalization” they’re seeing, particularly among white evangelicals.

The letter notes that some members of the mob that stormed the Capitol carried Christian symbols and signs that read, “Jesus Saves,” and that one of the rioters stood on the Senate rostrum and led a Christian prayer. The letter calls on other Christian leaders to take a public stand against racism, Christian nationalism, conspiracy theories and political extremism.

New Wyoming Law Lets Local Ranchers Sell Cuts of Meat Directly to Consumers –

Wyoming became the first state in the country to adopt a “food freedom” law last week. The Wyoming Food Freedom Act (FFA) is a dramatic law that serves to deregulate many direct-to-consumer food sales. It will be a boon to the state’s consumers and to many of the state’s smaller farmers.

‘Unholy’ Examines The Alliance Between White Evangelicals And Trump | Wyoming Public Media

Evangelical Leaders Condemn ‘Radicalized Christian Nationalism’ | Wyoming Public Media

Sen. John Barrasso: Belief That Jesus Christ Had Right To Life Has Influenced Voting

By J. Brady Howell | December 10, 2010 | 4:14pm EST 

Sen. John Barrasso

( – At the lighting ceremony for the Capitol Christmas Tree on Tuesday, Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) said that Jesus Christ had a right to life from the moment of conception, and that his belief has influenced his voting record. asked “In this Christmas season, do you believe that Jesus Christ had a right to life from the moment of his conception?”

“That’s the way I always voted in the United States Senate. I think, it’s Christmas it’s a Christmas tree, not a holiday tree. So those are my beliefs, that’s how I was raised and that’s how I raise my children,” Barrasso replied.

State of Wyoming

Wyoming – Wikipedia

Sen. John Barrasso: Belief That Jesus Christ Had Right To Life Has Influenced Voting | CNSNews

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Kit Carson Pulp Fiction Master

Posted on March 4, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

I am now investigating the theory that Ludwig Wettgenstein is dictating some of my novels to me, if not all. I believe he found and entered the ZARDOZ ZONE that writers discovered in the sixteenth century. For a month I have trying to read this article on Ludwig, but when I read about his experiences at Guy’s Hospital, I am reading about how Ken Kesey worked at a mental hospital that influenced his Cuckoo’s Nest Pulp Fiction. Yes – that’s what it is! This famous book could have appeared in Stag Magazine in 1959, but for the fact Ken was led to the entrance of the Vortex Maze by The Guild I identify as The Poker Club in my Bond novel ‘The Royal Janitor’. Victoria and Miriam are agents for BAD. On the February 25th. they came in contact with agents of BHS who are extremely lethal, because I finally get it. In the art work above, we are seeing one writer trying to be killed off by a group of writers disguised as fierce savages out for scalps. This is the ongoing Battle of the Scribes, a Holy War between two alleged brothers, Aaron and Moses. But, if you closely you see they have two different religions. God makes two sets of tablets, after the first gets smashed by Aaron, in revenge for Moses melting down his golden calf and making wedding rings to marry the children to the – One God. 

I haven’t read Ludwig like normal people do. I use the Krell-Id method that allows me to see what the Monsters of the Id are up to. This is what Ludwig was doing from a place that was made for the Muses that are Time Travelers. They have to be, because they are agents for The Gods, who are immortals. What they work with is The Net of Coincidence discovered by William Anton Wilson. Washington Irving was a Futurian. He was employed by John Astor, who hired Henry Brevoort. Kit Carson was hired by John Fremont and his father-in-law Senator Thomas Hart Benton who was a powerful Freemason. After my posts were not showing on the BHS,, I posted this – as a test! They allowed all my posts – for a little while – because they didn’t know what to do. They knew I had entered their vortex, and was on to them. 

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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