Wells Fargo Art & Mural Program

I was looking at the black and white photographs of Oakland’s Produce Market I just posted, and knew I had to do do something to get them persevered in another place then MY very successful Art Magazine, which I need to promote – comparing it to other underground art magazines. I googled Wells Fargo and Art, and struck pay-dirt. They have a program for creating public murals. These market pics need to be put on a wall in Jack London Square. I am going to write MY bank and see if they will back this idea – and others I have. We might be in litigation. There is arbitration. I will see if they want to back my own sober programs, and ideas for small businesses. We can do a mural on Jack London in Belmont with Janke family history, complete with our stagecoach. I have to copyright MY idea, due to thieves and bushwhackers.

I can’t let my enemies negate any of my projects because I own an IVESTIGATIVE NEWSPAPER and thus they want to label and disqualify me as…..’Not a team player’. Enough! Freedom of the Press has to celebrated – not punished! Down with Big Buckism!

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press ‘A Newspaper For The Arts’

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‘Sharing the wealth’: Wells Fargo’s art collection

Wells Fargo’s art collection includes about 10,000 pieces — including some by Andy Warhol — and has been shared in more than 100 communities.

When people think of working for a bank, they probably wouldn’t think of managing artwork. But that’s exactly what Piper Hutson does. Hutson is the curator for Wells Fargo’s Corporate Art Resources department in St. Louis. The department is responsible for managing Wells Fargo’s art collection, and its duties range from bringing the art into local communities, to inventorying pieces, to placing art in high-visibility locations for customers and team members.

“If art is involved, it’s usually through us,” Hutson said. “Everything is in-house. We pick the pieces, condition them, map them, frame them, and sometimes write materials that go with them.”

Hutson estimates there are about 10,000 pieces across Wells Fargo. About half of the artwork came when Wachovia, now Wells Fargo, merged in 2007 with A.G. Edwards & Sons, a brokerage firm in St. Louis. In the 1980s, the company hired a curator to inventory and manage the art. During that time, artwork was loaned for public displays, and in 1991, a formal loan program was established.

Community Mural Program – Who We Are – Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Community Murals celebrate the legacy of the communities we serve, highlighting the geography, industry, and cultural diversity that give each community its unique character and sense of place. From small towns to big cities, we have installed custom community murals in over 2,300 Wells Fargo locations nationwide. ‘Sharing the wealth’: Wells Fargo’s art collection (wf.com)Jack London Slept (and Worked) Here (sfgate.com)

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