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For the last three years I have been posting on our relations with Britain and the rest of the world. The Christian-Army has been waging war on the Democrats – and neglecting our allies. Our enemies have taken advantage of us – thanks to all the attention given the Divine Warrior Emperor of the Universe – the Conservative King Jesus! Hail Jesus!

And now – some reality!


Given the tight ties between the US and UK, observers expect the public portions of the meeting to be cordial and warm. But both men enter this weekend’s diplomatic gathering under pressure to define their respective roles in the world and amongst other global powers.

The official previews of their meeting have been straightforward. The White House has indicated Biden will touch on a number of issues during his engagements with Johnson, including the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, financing global infrastructure in the developing world, maintaining a diplomatic presence in Afghanistan and other issues related to the Indo-Pacific and the Middle East. The UK government has relayed that Johnson, the host of the G7 summit, will focus on ways for the world to “build back better from coronavirus” and tackling climate change.

But their meeting on Thursday also comes at a time of tension over Northern Ireland’s role in the UK’s Brexit agreement with the European Union, which is a key issue for Biden. The meeting will set the tone for both US-UK relations over the next four years and Biden’s diplomatic agenda as they confer in southwest England. It also kicks off Biden’s swing across Europe for meetings with America’s G7 partners, NATO allies, the European Union and, finally, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden plans to press Johnson on Northern Ireland during their first face-to-face meeting on Thursday, according to senior administration officials. It’s an issue he feels very strongly about, officials said. He has watched with trepidation as Brexit has caused new questions about the durability of the Good Friday Agreement, which ended the violent conflict in Northern Ireland by bringing unionists and Irish republicans into a power-sharing government, and peace in the region.

But the President isn’t planning to adopt a confrontational tone with Johnson on the Northern Ireland issue during their meeting later Thursday, a senior administration official said, instead raising it as a topic of deep personal interest that he wants to see resolved.

“The United States is not in those negotiations and not seeking to be in those negotiations,” the official said.

“It will not be confrontational or adversarial,” the official said of Biden’s plans to raise the matter in his talks with Johnson. “He didn’t come here to give a lecture. He came merely to communicate what he believes, very, very deeply about peace in Northern Ireland.”

Biden has raised the issue with Johnson in telephone calls ahead of the summit, and diplomats have discussed the matter with British counterparts in the lead-up to the two leaders’ bilateral talks. But officials denied a report in British newspaper The Times that American diplomats held heated conversations with UK officials on the matter ahead of the summit, including issuing a formal reprimand, saying the discussions on the matter have not been “heightened.”

Biden wants to use the G7 summit to fix the damage Trump did to US alliances. It might be more than he can manage. (msn.com)

EU vows to shield itself from Chinese security threats, Michel says (msn.com)

Pentagon issues directive on countering China, but offers few details (msn.com)

Boris and Biden: A diplomatic odd couple faces pressure to define the US-UK relationship (msn.com)

The Navy plans to arm Zumwalt destroyers with up to 12 hypersonic missiles, budget documents show.

  • The Navy said in April that the Zumwalts will be the first warships to carry hypersonic missiles.
  • The Navy has struggled to develop suitable armaments for this advanced class of warships.
  • See more stories on Insider’s business page.

The US Navy plans to put a dozen hypersonic missiles on each of its three Zumwalt-class destroyers, according to the latest budget documents.

Russia may be operating an attack submarine off the G-7 summit (msn.com)

Since at least Monday, United States Navy aircraft, British sea and air forces, and French anti-submarine aircraft have been engaged in unusual operations in and around waters proximate to the location of this week’s G-7 summit. I have highlighted the relevant waters in the context of this week’s G-7 summit at Carbis Bay in Cornwall, England. The summit begins on Friday and ends on Sunday.

NATO activity certainly lends to that prospect. On Monday, a French air force surveillance Beechcraft Super King Air 350 was in the area, and a U.S. P-8 Poseidon aircraft operated off the northern Cornish coast. The U.S. P-8 then transited to Europe. On Tuesday, a British (either Royal Air Force or Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm) Super King 350 was operating in the area.

U.S. warns Venezuela, Cuba to turn away Iranian ships believed to be carrying arms (msn.com)

The Biden administration is urging Venezuela and Cuba to turn away two Iranian warships believed to be carrying arms intended for transfer to Caracas, while vowing that the U.S. will take “appropriate measures” to deter what it sees as a “threat” to America’s partners in the Western Hemisphere.

US defense chief tells Pentagon to sharpen focus on China (msn.com)

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin directed the Pentagon on Wednesday to sharpen its focus on China, which the United States has tagged as its top strategic rival.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin directed the Pentagon on Wednesday to sharpen its focus on China, which the United States has tagged as its top strategic rival.

‘May she be bold, elegant’: Netizens react to Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana’s arrival | Lifestyle News,The Indian Express

The court decision — almost certainly with the Kremlin’s blessing — seemed likely to push the resistance to Mr. Putin further underground, after several months in which the Russian government’s yearslong effort to suppress dissent has entered a new, more aggressive phase. Under the law, Mr. Navalny’s organizers, donors, or even social-media supporters could now be prosecuted and face prison time.

With a Ban on Navalny’s Group, Putin Sends Clear Message to Biden (msn.com)

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