Alcohol Justice Should Sue Linda Comstock

Everything associated with the name BUCK is FUCKING SUREAL! Robert Brevoort Buck is making money in Big Agriculture as is Wells Fargo Bank whose name and logo is seen next to the pretentious prattel of Alcohol Justice who is playing Kafka’s God in his story ‘The Trial’. Who are you people? How did you get in my room. The Ghost of Steinbeck has given me FIVE NEW STEINBECK BOOKS. Last night I had an art show on Tik Tok. I showed off my and my sister’s art. This woman had about thirty followers last night. Everyone knew I should have a show in the Rosamond Gallery – after Rosamond died. It would be – FAIR! Instead, I am paid the great insult in my life – and recovery – by my daughter and the drunks she bonded with.

Rosamond Press

When I was at my daughter’s aunt’s house, I asked to see her photo albums because Heather told me she spent summers on ‘The Toy’. She handed me two photo albums – in a huff! I went through pages that were full of cocktail parties that Linda Comstock hosted on her rich husbands yacht. I failed to spot my fifteen and sixteen year old daughter out in the crowd of drunken sluts and swells – all holding a drink.

“Heather. I can’t find you!”

My daughter came over, grabbed one book, and in a huff showed me her image in that book, then grabbed another album and showed me her with a Shirly Temple in her hand – I hope! This was a counter-attack in their minds. With Bill Cornwell’s want of a child, going after my grandson was THE MISSION. I was suggesting Bill and Linda had a drinking…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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