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We need a Radical Woman Think Tank. The co-founder of the Navy WAVES, Virginia Gildersleeve appears to have been a Lesbian, and this was known by most. Because women did not get to vote until 1920, they might have more in common with black women – then white men do. WHO WILL FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY?……is the question.

Virginia Gildersleeve – Wikipedia

Rose Sidgwick – Wikipedia

Women’s equality[edit]

Gildersleeve was an early advocate of paid leaves of absence for women faculty members to take maternity leave. In 1931, she raised the matter with Columbia President Butler, who “looked a little startled”, but he agreed, saying “We should have women teachers with fuller lives and richer experience, not so many dried-up old maids”. Gildersleeve recorded this remark in her memoir without comment. She then persuaded the Barnard board of trustees to enact a maternity policy that provided one term off at full pay or a year off at half pay for all new mothers among the faculty. In the first year, three women took advantage of this new policy. [3]

In 1915, in a speech to the Columbia Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa she challenged the commonly held belief that the education of women was a detriment to society, arguing that improved public health and the declining infant mortality made it unnecessary to breed so many children as once had been the case in order to have surviving progeny. She asserted that in the modern world women could have the same ambitions as men.[3]

Rosalind Rosenberg, Gildersleeve’s biographer, has argued that “Through her work Gildersleeve and other pioneers like her provided the essential conditions necessary to winning for women full equality with men in American society and throughout the world… In broadening women’s scholarly horizons, Gildersleeve laid the groundwork for some of the most innovative scholarship of the twentieth century. And in helping to draft the charter of the UN, Gildersleeve assured that the issues to which she had devoted her career on Morningside Heights would be addressed throughout the world in the decades that followed. By insisting that women have the right to every educational opportunity open to men, and by fighting her whole life to secure that opportunity, she helped establish the bedrock on which feminists have been building ever since.”[3]


For several decades Gildersleeve and Professor Caroline Spurgeon shared a summer retreat. Later, she lived with the Barnard English professor, Elizabeth Reynard, and they both are buried at Saint Matthew’s Episcopal Churchyard, Bedford, New York.[3] This has given some a basis to speculate about Gildersleeve’s sexuality. In her 1954 memoir, Gildersleeve protested the “particularly cruel and unwholesome discrimination against unmarried women” who chose to spend their lives living with other women. She attributed this trend to “the less responsible psychologists and psychiatrists of the day”, who voiced “disrespect for spinsters in the teaching profession as ‘inhibited’ and ‘frustrated'”. Gildersleeve used “celibate” to describe her status.

International Federation of University Women[edit]

Gildersleeve and Spurgeon met just after the First World War ended, when a delegation of British educators came to the United States. Caroline Spurgeon, a highly respected Shakespeare scholar who published many books and papers about both Chaucer and Shakespeare, taught at Bedford College for Women, part of the University of London. They collaborated in establishing an organization that would foster international cooperation among like-minded academic women. Gildersleeve imagined an organization built on the model of the American Association of Collegiate Alumnae and the British Federation of University Women. In 1919, they created the International Federation of University Women (IFUW), housing it in London with a second home in Paris at Reid Hall. For two decades, between World War I and World War II, Gildersleeve worked through the IFUW to keep alive the spirit of international understanding, even as isolationism gripped her country.[3] They believed that the women of the world could make change by discussion with and learning from each other.[1]

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China, Putin, and The Newt are drawing lines in the sand aimed at shaming and crippling the Democrats. They did not do this with Trump and his “traditional” American supporters. Why? Newt is cutting a New Red Scare aimed at making Christians feel better about their country – and losing the election. God – lost the election – in their mind. I am back to having Victoria Bond be the lover of her bodyguard, Miriam Starfish Christling – a non-traditional Bond character. Gingrich is aiding and abetting the enemy.

Military spending is increasing. This blog led the way into the future – that has arrived! To employ a Christian in the espionage game, is new. To make her a bi-sexual – is revolutionary! We are traditionally a REVOLUTIONARY NATION. I suggest Newt build a private altar to the divine King Jesus in his home, and read books about the Loyalists…

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