Victoria Covers The Waterfront

This morning I read an article about the bones of a Chumash being found near the home of Harry and Meghan. This is the fulfilment of the Leviathan Prophecy I developed – for years!

Very Old” Human Bones Reportedly Found Near Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Montecito Mansion | Vanity Fair

The Pygmy Mammoth – Channel Islands National Park (U.S. National Park Service) (

Ancient human remains were unearthed during a landscaping construction project last week, just one street away from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s $14.7 million Montecito mansion.

According to a Santa Barbara sheriff’s office spokeswoman who spoke with the Daily Mail, the bones found on May 24 buried three feet deep are “very old” and appear to belong to a “young adult.” They also might date back to the indigenous tribes that lived in the Santa Barbara area centuries ago. After the bones were discovered during construction, the sheriff’s office called in a forensic anthropologist to investigate further. Their initial reports on the remains seem to indicate that the bones could belong to a member of the Chumash people whose ties to the area date back 11,000 years.

The sheriff’s department confirmed that work has stopped at the construction site and they’ve been in touch with the local Native American commission to figure out what the next steps will be for the remains pending the results of the forensic anthropologist’s investigation. As of now, the remains’ origins cannot be determined for certain, but the spokeswoman said that Chumash is likely “because we live in that area.” But she added, “Until we have an official opinion from the forensic anthropologist we’re not going to be saying one way or the other.” They also confirmed that the property where the remains were found has no connection with Meghan and Harry’s home.

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I just found this – lost inspiration! Victoria is tied to a Leviathan float and a quart of eels poured into her with a funnel. I am convinced del Toro has looked at this blog.

Jon Presco

I Cover The Waterfront



This morning I discovered an image of a crucified Claudette Colbert who starred in ‘I Cover The Waterfront’ a movie based upon a book written by Max Miller. A chapter in this book is inspired by a Tongva Indian Maid who was given the name Juana Maria which looks like Marijuana. She is found all alone on St. Nicolas Island. This movie centers around bad men smuggling in illegal aliens, Chinese, so they can do the laundry of the well-to-do in Pasadena. One poor sap is found inside a great white shark. Consider Rosamond’s favorite movie ‘Chinatown’. Did Max read the legend of…

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