The Purest Freedom Fighter

I found this wondrous photograph on my friend’s facebook. It’s time to grab the third rail.

Israel honors Soviet soldiers and veterans. It deliberately avoids honoring American soldiers. Why? President Harry Truman was titled ‘The Messiah’ by the Zionists because he signed Congressional papers that declared Israel a New Nation. Then, this title was removed. Why?

Above is a photograph of Cathy Williams who posed as a man in order to fight for the Union in the Civil War. She had everything to gain. She was not a part of a conspiracy to hurt the Confederacy. She wanted – TO FREE HER PEOPLE! The Jews have long had a desire – TO FREE THEIR PEOPLE! Have they ever fought to free other people? Why not a monument to Jewish GIS in Israel? They say Stalin went crazy and killed about twenty million Russians. Many were sent to Gulags, or, Siberia. According to Rosen, ten thousand Jews fought for the Confederacy.

One can make a case that the God of the Jews is all about creating the Perfect, and most Just Warrior – and reason to kill! Do you ever wonder why Samson ‘The Nazarite’ killed with the jawbone of an ass?

Here is a very important article written by a black historian, Karen Cook Bell. We are in a Silent Crisis…..our old allies may not be into a fight with Russian and China. Who will fight them?

Race and Service in the Pacific During World War II | AAIHS

Why does Israel celebrate only veterans from the USSR for fighting WWII? – The Jerusalem Post (

to be continued

John ‘The Nazarite’

President Harry Truman – “Messiah”

Posted on December 17, 2011 by Royal Rosamond Press

On Yom Kippur, October 4, 1946, the Presdient of United States delclared Israel a Nation and allowed ten thousand Jews to return to the Promised Land. This rendered Truman another Cyrus the Great, who the Jews titled “Messiah” for allowing the return from the Babylon captivity.

I was bonr four days later on October 8th. two minutes past sunset. An amzing starshower became visible.My mother was too spent to go to the window where the nursses had gahtered in amazement. Rosemary named me after John the Baptist because I was born days after Yom Kippur.

Surely God recognized the United States of America on October 4th. for playing such a critical role in His history. Did He send his Holy Spirit out to explore this new land?

Jon the Nazarite

“Conclusion: The Verdict of History”

Polowetzky, Michael,  Jerusalem recovered : Victorian intellectuals and the birth of Modern Zionism, Westport (Conn.): Praeger, 1995, Moshe Davis has left us record of a visit which Harry Truman made a few months after the end of his Presidency to the Jewish Theological Seminary, together with Truman’s friend, Eddie Jacobson. Jacobson introduced Harry Truman to the professors: ‘This is the man who helped create the State of Israel’, but Truman corrected him: ‘What do you mean “helped to create”? I am Cyrus. I am Cyrus.’ It seems that the analogy to Cyrus had already been suggested to President Truman by the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Isaac Halevi Herzog, on the occasion of a visit to him in the White House early in 1949. The rabbi went on to assert: ‘God put you in your mother’s womb so you would be the instrument to bring about Israel’s rebirth after two thousand years.’ We are told by a witness that, ‘On hearing these words, Truman rose from his chair and, with great emotion, tears glistening in his eyes, he turned to the Chief Rabbi and asked him if his actions for the sake of the Jewish people were indeed to be interpreted thus and the hand of the Almighty was in the matter’.

These words of Truman’s – ‘I am Cyrus’ – were uttered neither casually nor ironically. We must take them with the fullest seriousness, and when we do, we will have the key to understanding Truman’s constant pro-Zionism.

Harry Truman frequently turned over the name of ‘Cyrus the Great’ as he rehearsed the names of the ‘Great Men of History’- a mental exercise which he performed regularly, as a concert pianist performs scales. The American democratic process, he knew, had put him in the place where Cyrus redevises was expected. His awareness of all this is what explains the consistency of his refusal to allow himself to be worn down by the emotional and sometimes brutal arguments of the Zionists, fully as much as it explains his serenity in the face of the arguments from anti-Zionist Jews, the pro-Arab blandishments coming from the State Department, the ‘realistic’ military judgments coming from George Marshall and George Kennan, and the economic-geopolitical arguments of James Forrestal. To doubt his personal fitness for this great role would have been the same as to doubt the fitness of the American political system which had put him in place. To set his own name at the end of that long catalogue of the Great Men (in which Cyrus always figured) was not, he believed, an act of vanity, but a requirement of fidelity to received religion and to his own self-confidence as a student of history.

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