No More Waiting For Van Gogh

On this day, May 21, 2021, I declare Vincent Van Gogh, a Writer, perhaps the first, Beat Writer? Why not a Hippie writer? I got it…..Van Gogh is a Pulp Fiction Detective Author – who failed to cash in on his gift for dramatic gab!

I compare Mendes da Costa to the Jewish philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, who saw something in the mind of Norbert Davis, the Man With A Gun! Vincent is famous for being….The Artist With A Gun…(and a razor) Mendes met with the family of this failed theologian – and failed philosopher – when he informed one of the most famous artists in the world – he is a failure! He has failed to prepare himself to go a theological university so he can become…..A MAN OF GOD!

Did Mendes know his student carried a revolver? Did he show it to him? Vincent talks about going into the “the Jewish district” to try again to comprehend foreign languages. He is not doing well with his lessons from Mendes cousin, de Mattos, who may have compared notes, and concluded Van Gogh posed a danger to himself – and others!

Of course it is up to me to author a paper on this, because I compare Van Goughs writing to Vonnegut, Pynchon, Kesey, and myself! How about Joaquin Miller? Jack London? Nowhere else can you read a running dialogue on theology and art – that go together like the covers of True Crime Novels. The best way to start my paper, is create a Dime Novel Author and Character.

And now…the true adventures of……

Van Gogh – Art Detective

Vincent had admired the reverse image of the job title he had a artist paint on the glass to the door to his tiny office. Giving up his ambition to bring the word of the Lord to the poor, he had reinvented himself, and was now determined to put an end to art theft, and art forgery. What he has not foreseen in his new ultraistic mission, is, that there was not much of – that! The poor slobs that found the courage to knock on his door, wanted to know one thing….was their mate cheating on them? Have they been…..betrayed?

Being hungry, and always facing eviction, Vincent came down from his pedestal to help these mentally tortured wretches, who for all purpose – were out of their friggen mind! Their despair, at no longer owning any trust for the one they love, had rendered them zombies – the walking dead. Yeah, he took their money, and a form of payment that relieved his conscience. His clients agreed to meet with this armed detective at his favorite café, and buy him a modest glass of wine that he will take sips of as he read his report, that usually contained bad news; because it was a sure thing, it taking months to seek help in – accepting the truth.

Vincent employed his lessons he stowed away as a Man of God, and acted like a minister hearing confession. What he didn’t understand, was, he was the world’s first Marriage Councilor, a profession that was not without great risks! One recently divorced woman sprang out of a dark doorway, and lopped off part of his ear with a razor. Ouch! A divorced man, confronted him with a gun as he took a shortcut across the wheat field.

“I’m going to blow your friggen head off you psycho-babbling maniac who told my wife, I was her Judas – in waiting!”

Only when a flock of ravens rose from the wheat, was our Art Detective able to dash into the nearby cornfield…..and make good his escape.

Returning to the Jewish district, Vincent found the Tinker who offered to sell him a pistol. At the time he was failing algebra, and, considered taking his life. But, that was no longer a solution. Being a Art Private Eye, proved to be a very dangerous profession. His work took him to the land of utter despair where folks did not think they had long to live. Best own a lust for life – while you have a second chance. Vincent’s clients became serial heart-breakers. If you know your Bible, that is how the story always goes.

John Presco

Copyright 2021

The Philosopher Detective

Posted on February 9, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

Above is a photo of Austrian Philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, who studied the Black Mack Writers and other authors of Detective novels. He was fascinated with Norbert Davis who was a friend of my grandparents – who have redeemed THEIR family from beyond the grave. I am the head of my family. Here is a movie about Ludwig. In this scene he is attending a movie based on detective writers like Dashiell Hammet and Erle Stanley Gardener who were friends of Royal Rosamond.

Wittgenstein – Derek Jarman (1993).avi – YouTube

Wittgenstein: Philosophical discussion in Cambridge – Part 1 – YouTube

I have seen the light! I just sent this to my ex-wife, Mary Ann Tharaldsen;

“You saw greatness in me Mary Ann and so did my famous sister. Our destructive parents filled us with the most vile low-self esteem one could imagine. Not able to believe I was great, people I came in contact saw that my energy was exposed to them, and they too took from me – and Christine!”

Yesterday I talked to my diabetic nurse about my lower readings, and thanked her for the support from the staff at my clinic. She asked why by reading were high around the third. This was the day I found out Bill Arnold’s sister is dead. Bill was born on February 3, 1945. He took his life on October 9, 1964. The suggestion by Tom Snyder that I could have saved Bill’s life, if I had passed my famous sister’s note to him like she asked, is the most outrageous accusation in the annals of Art History, and Psychiatrics History. Christine Rosamond Benton was seeing as many as three psychiatrists -one whom she was having an affair. When we were in our teens, our mother Rosemary kept saying; “I have a scholarship to Camarillo State Mental Hospital.” She would then laugh that infamous laugh. Consider Ken Kesey working on a mental ward where he says he was exposed to LSD. Then there is the wonderment if Thomas Pynchon sat in on Nabokov’s class and Cornell.

With the revelation that Ludwig Wittgenstein took a keen interest in the writing of Norbert Davis, the last piece of the Labyrinth Puzzle has fallen into place. You can say the Minotaur is Ludwig, a famous philosopher that was looking for a way out of our mental predicaments. It has been suggested that if he had contacted Norbert, he could have saved his life.

Last night I exchanged e-mails with my friends, Mark Gall, and hinted he might want to co-author my autobiography because he graduated from Harvard and Berkley with degrees in psychology.

I debated about revealing the Wittgenstein connect because my Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde acquaintance – stabbed me in the back again – after we discussed for a year getting a grant to do a radio show. He mocked me saying he is going after money, chaffer, a maid, while I muddle along with my very long study – that has hit the Mother Load! Casey Farrell a.k.a ‘The Green Swastika’ is beside himself in his need to rip me off and assume my identity – some more! Then there is the terrible Rosamond Cult where women I share DNA with, are drawn to the work and drama of Rosamond. They know it is the Mind Game to end all Mind Games! If Ludwig were alive, and aware of The Rose of the World Labyrinth, he would put his students to work researching all the strange twists and turns, that are most diabolical, a Philosophers Dream. I will now apply for several grants so this work can continue.

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

Wittgenstein: Philosophical discussion in Cambridge – Part 1 – YouTube

The Lolita of Lot 49: Pynchon’s Inversion of Nabokov: ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes and Reviews: Vol 33, No 1 (

Bad Day At Belmont

Posted on March 17, 2021 by Royal Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

When I read about Ludwig Wittgenstein infatuation with Norbert Davis, the movie Bad Day At Black Rock popped into my mind because his brother was a one-armed pianist. I about pissed my pants. I knew I had found the Lost Anaconda Mine. I had a vison of Ludwig coming to America to look for that perfect vast empty tumble-weed place Norbert Davis made famous in his books. He too has lost one arm in a failed suicide attempt. He decides to bring along his scattered philosophy that is not yet in book form. Who knows, someone might find merit in his work – and buy IT! Geniuses are notorious for believing their work is third rate, not up to snuff, thus, they keep digging deeper, and deeper.

In the last month, I’ve been thinking of taking two train rides. The first place I considered, was Belmont California. I’d pack up my grandfather’s books he could not sell in his lifetime, just incase the Belmont Historical Society wants them. So, I get off the train and find the BHS whose members promised they would meet me at the train station. But, they subscribe to the real old ways, and ask me if I want to participate in The Wicker Man Celebration.

“No thanks. I saw the movie! I think I’ll be moseying back to the station!”

Getting back on the train, I head for the small town of St. Louis Oklahoma founded by Louis Frank and Lillie Rosamond who platted it in 1927. Looks like a quiet place. I can plant my roots here, and buy a plaque for Ludwig when I put a down payment on my burial niche in Oklahoma City. What can go wrong.

Nearing St. Louis I have visions of the movie Zabriskie Point starring two cult followers of my kinfolk, Jessie and Mel Lyman. Googling on my pad, I find a federal lawsuit involving a Rosamond and a oil company. (just found it) Sounds like the movie GIANT, starring my kin, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor. Say! What am I getting myself into? I don’t want any trouble. I don’t want to go looking for trouble.

1 This is an action by Louie F. Rosamond, plaintiff, against Indian Territory Illuminating Oil Company, defendant, to recover damages resulting from the failure of defendant to protect from drainage by offset wells an 80-acre tract of’ land in which plaintiff owned a one-eighth interest in the oil and gas. Defendant was the owner of the oil and gas lease on the tract. From a verdict and judgment for plaintiff in the sum of $2,995, defendant appeals.

Wait a minute. That movie resembles the early life of Vice President Kamala Harris. As I get off the train, I wish I had not gone and put a Star of David on Ludwig’s plaque.

I’m going to write a hard-boiled detective novel starring Ludwig, Norbert, and my Rosamond kin. Mary Magdalene Rosamond has fallen in love with Norbert and tells Royal not to come home. He meets Ludwig who takes a vacation to Oklahoma. They buy stock in a oil well and come up against a oil theft scheme. Royal gets in a accident.

Above is a photo of Austrian Philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, who studied the Black Mack Writers and other authors of Detective novels. He was fascinated with Norbert Davis who was a friend of my grandparents – who have redeemed THEIR family from beyond the grave. I am the head of my family. Here is a movie about Ludwig. In this scene he is attending a movie based on detective writers like Dashiell Hammet and Erle Stanley Gardener who were friends of Royal Rosamond.

I am kin to Harper Lee, and there is a woman named Rosamund in Caldwell’s ‘God’s Little Acre’.

Rosamund and God’s Little Acre | Rosamond Press

Wittgenstein – Derek Jarman (1993).avi – YouTube

Wittgenstein: Philosophical discussion in Cambridge – Part 1 – YouTube

The Philosopher Detective | Rosamond Press

On March 27, 1959, 27-year-old film star Elizabeth Taylor underwent conversion to Judaism in a ceremony at Temple Israel in Hollywood, California. The ceremony was the end of a nine-month process undertaken by Taylor under the supervision of Reform Rabbi Max Nussbaum.

1959: Elizabeth Taylor converts to Judaism – Jewish World –

Bad Day at Black Rock – Wikipedia

In late 1945, one-armed John J. Macreedy gets off a train at the isolated desert hamlet of Black Rock. It is the first time in four years that the train has stopped there. After Macreedy states he is looking for a man named Komoko, several of the local men become inexplicably hostile. The hotel desk clerk, Pete Wirth, claims he has no vacant rooms. Hector David threatens him. Later, Reno Smith informs Macreedy that Komoko, a Japanese-American, was interned during World War II.


St. Louis is located approximately four miles east of U.S. Highway 177 on State Highway 59 in southern Pottawatomie County. Originally known as Simpsonville, the town began when J. R. Simpson opened a cotton gin, added a gristmill around 1906, and soon thereafter opened the first general store. Later the town was called St. Louis when Samuel Gratis Johnson, the local Unity School teacher, jokingly remarked to a passerby on his way to town that he was going to St. Louis.

The town grew slowly. A man named Pemberton ran the only blacksmith shop. In 1902 Benjamin M. Green, a Primitive Baptist preacher, arrived from Polk County, Arkansas. He had 160 acres northeast of town and dealt in hides and cattle. In 1910 he opened a gristmill in town. Until a Dr. Blunt moved to St. Louis around 1910, the nearest doctor was Dr. S. D. Dodson who came from Sacred Heart, the nearby Roman Catholic mission and school.

Frank and Lillie E. Rosamond filed the town plat on March 9, 1927. The post office was established in 1928, and the town was incorporated during the oil-boom days. With the influx of oil-field workers during the 1920s, schools met the demand of a tenfold increase of school children. To bring about better education the Unity, Collins, and Cloverdale schools consolidated to form the St. Louis School District. The community’s economy has been based primarily on raising cotton and corn and providing agricultural services. The population declined from 493 in 1930 to 326 in 1940. By 1990 and 2000, respectively, the population was 181 and 206. By the turn of the twenty-first century the residents had erected a sign offering the message, “WELCOME TO ST. LOUIS, Home of 179 Friendly People, 1 Pyromaniac & 1 Busy Body.” The population was 158 in 2010.

INDIAN TERR. ILLUMINATING OIL CO. v. ROSAMOND :: 1941 :: Oklahoma Supreme Court Decisions :: Oklahoma Case Law :: Oklahoma Law :: US Law :: Justia

2 Plaintiff claimed that oil was being drained from under the 80-acre tract by three offset wells on adjoining lands, one north of the northeast corner of the tract, one east of the northeast corner, and one diagonally north and east of the northeast corner. He contended that under the implied covenant of the oil and gas lease of defendant it was the duty of defendant to drill a well in the northeast ten acres of the 80-acre tract, which would offset the wells above mentioned and protect the tract from drainage thereby, and sought damages for drainage resulting from defendant’s failure to drill such well. The three wells which he contends drain the oil from under his land were drilled in 1928 and 1929. In 1929 defendant drilled a well in the southeast corner of the 80-acre tract which, with a well in the northeast corner, would have protected the tract from the surrounding wells. After the drilling of the well in the southeast corner plaintiff and his co-owners in the mineral interests under the tract requested that a well be drilled in the northeast corner, but this was not done. Plaintiff’s co-owners then brought an action for damages for failure to drill in the northeast corner of the land, which action was settled in October, 1934, by defendant paying such co-owners the sum of $8,000 and assigning to them the oil and gas lease, excepting the southeast ten acres on which the well drilled by defendant was located. Plaintiff was not a party to the action or settlement, and after the settlement was made he again demanded that the well be drilled or damages paid him for drainage, but all negotiations failed, and this action was filed on August 2, 1937.

Rosamond v. Reed Roller Bit Company, 292 P.2d 373 –

St. Louis originally began in 1906 as a community named Simpsonville when J. R. Simpson opened a cotton gin, a gristmill and then a general store. It is unclear when the name of the community was changed to St. Louis. A town plat was not filed until March 9, 1927 and a post office was established in 1928.[4]

Except for a brief oil boom in the 1920s, the town’s economy has been based on serving local cotton farmers.[4]

The population peaked at 493 residents in 1930 and has declined until the present.[4]

Paul Herschel Rosamond (1923-2015) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree

Tulsa County, Oklahoma Genealogy Trails

Zabriskie – The Musical

Posted on August 26, 2017 by Royal Rosamond Press

“I say hello to Nancy and the artists. I think about the Chicano Artist Sanctuaries I am thinking of founding.”

I wrote the above two days ago. I am seeing into the future. Trump’s good squad own guns and see themselves as cowboys. He is supplying them with targets. Hippies were a favorite target of the Republican-right. We were ‘The Savage Indians’.  We were hunted!

The pardon of Sheriff Joe checked so many boxes for what we know about how Trump views the world and operates that, in retrospect, it was utterly predictable.

This morning I awoke carrying a heavy load. I dreamed I was in a warehouse in New York choosing old props from a play that had failed, or, was never fully produced. Something went wrong. Now, I was the savior of this play. I heard someone say;

“This is an extremely difficult project. This guy gets his big break, and he’s going for this?”

I awoke with FAILURE staring me in the face. What is the play? I lie in bed half asleep and let my intuition look for the answer. Maybe it’s a musical? I thought about my friends in New York and ‘My Big Beautiful Blue Bicycle’ and my unfinished novel ‘The Gideon Computer’. I say hello to Nancy and the artists. I think about the Chicano Artist Sanctuaries I am thinking of founding. Then, I am looking at my next post I had in mind, and – BINGO!

In lest than an hour I am watching Darian Halsprin walking into a hole in the rocks where there is a waterfall in a grotto. it leads to a house designed by the famous architect – as a prop, that is going to be blown-up!

This movie was made in 1970, the year Rena and I went camping for fifty days in my 1950 Dodge. When Christine saw the painting I did of my muse in 1971, she took up art. Life imitates art. Life is a movie. Consider the real estate deal going on in the house.

Angela Davis is in this movie. My daughter’s mother had a son by a Black Panther, who knew Angela. It’s all here. It wrote itself, as if there is a God, and, Art is God.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

At the end of director Michelangelo Antonioni’s anti-capitalist, anti-life turkey of a film ‘Zabriskie Point,’ this house — designed by architect Paolo Soleri and (like several scenes in Antonioni’s film) based  on the house in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘North by Northwest,’ which was itself inspired by  Frank Lloyd Wright’s desert houses — this house is ‘lovingly’ exploded in montage as the ‘climax’ of the film; destroyed in balletic slow motion with “a final destructive glee.”

As a director, Antonioni was for sure an accomplished artist.  His films were honest demonstrations — of essentially anti-life themes.  Antonioni’s original ending to this film, which was the perfect culmination of his film’s theme, was a shot of an airplane sky-writing the phrase “Fuck You, America,” which was cut by MGM president Louis F. Polk.

Never doubt that’s what he meant this replacement scene to say — “a series of slow-motion captures of capitalistic debris flying apart against a smoky blue background.”  Never doubt that he meant it.

That’s why the house needed to be so good.  Understand that, and you understand much of modern art.  Think about it.

And from the siting of the house you can begin to appreciate what it means to “integrate architecture with your site.”

Christian Brevoort Zabriskie (October 16, 1864 – February 8, 1936) was an American businessman and former vice president of Pacific Coast Borax CompanyZabriskie Point on the northeasternmost flank of the Black Mountains east of Death Valley, located in Death Valley National Park is named after him.

Maria Zabriskie (Brevoort)
Birthdate:April 10, 1779 (82)
Birthplace:New Barbadoes, Bergen County, New Jersey
Death:December 22, 1861 (82)
Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey, United States
Immediate Family:Daughter of Elias Brevoort and Maria Brevoort
Wife of Jacob Christian Zabriskie
Mother of Dr. Christian Brevoort ZabriskieElias Brevoort ZabriskieHenry Brevoort ZabriskieMaria Stoutenburgh Solomon and Col. James Cannon Zabriskie
Managed by:Michael M.van Beuren ©

About Elias Brevoort

Seems to have started as a Loyalist <see list. Not to be confused with another Elias Brevoort now on the DAR list and served under Major Goetchius (NJ) ref: DAR# A104082 . His younger brother Henry remained “loyal” in the Out Ward of New York and preserved the family farm just north of Washington Square.

One Elias Brevoort was granted land in Digby, NS as a Loyalist refugee. Evidently, he returned to the US just as many other refugees did.

No More Waiting For Artaud

Posted on July 21, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

When Rena Easton said I was “Left-leaning” in her letter, I took it to mean, she (and her husband) love America more than I do. This idea is a Theme to many white people who head North, or were born there. My grandfather, Royal Rosamond, says he was born in Helena. He wrote several stories about Montana.

In her Proclamation Right-wing of the Aryan Rancher Flag of America, a hot cultural battle began. In 2014, I sent into battle two creative Frenchmen – foreigners! I wonder how Rena feels about a man accused of rape, suggesting women should apologize to the whole country (and Israel) ? What horrible things have THEY said about Israel? How many of  The Squad said horrible things about Israel? Evangelicals have a vested interest in seeing the Temple rebuilt – in Israel! This is why POTUS is titled ‘Messiah’ – in Israel! Is Trump defending America – or Israel? If so, is this part of his – other calling?

Friend and Foe alike have mocked me and called me insane for blogging on these issues for the last ten years. It’s like I was crossing a vast plane and alas caught up with the wagon train. I am a Psychic Trailblazer! Did I declare myself the King of Jerusalem in anticipation of the Christian-right anointing their False Political Messiah? This is the new ‘Gone With The Wind’. They found a cache of bones in the Teutonic Cemetery in Rome. I know why they are there. I will keep it a secret – for now!

 Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrumpFollow Follow @realDonaldTrumpMore

I don’t believe the four Congresswomen are capable of loving our Country. They should apologize to America (and Israel) for the horrible (hateful) things they have said. They are destroying the Democrat Party, but are weak & insecure people who can never destroy our great Nation!”

Here is when I began seeing the future – that was coming to Montana. To have  literary confrontation with a five hundred pound ignorant Grunt Woman about whether I own the Right To Write, is utterly profound. Kim Haffner and her Stupid Girl Gang, wanted me out of here. Their Dude said I should be “Locked up!”

The daughter of James Joyce was “locked up” in a sanitarium because she was mentally ill. Millions of Americans suffer from mental illness. Perhaps they should all go back from where they came?

“When I received a letter from my muse, I was in big-idea-war with the author Charles L. Shields who un-friended me on facebook. Charles wrote ‘And So It Goes’ the biography of Kurt Vonnegut, my only hero. Charle’s friend, Boris Kachka, wrote an article for the New York Magazine about my ex-wife who was married to the author Thomas Pynchon. Mary Ann Tharaldsen was the sister-in-law of Christine Rosamond Benton, whose muse was my muse.”

When Rena said; “I see you are quite left-leaning.” in her letter, I turned her into an Art Piece. It was my hope to go to Bozeman and watch her dance – as Lucia Joyce. She chose instead to play the terrorized Aryan Cow Woman on the Sacred Last Hill of White Power with her Beef Rancher Husband. This felt real good to her. She tells me after forty years alas she has friends. I put Antonin Artaud and Vincent Van Gough on the train to Bozeman to attend the Art Festival. These men are – Frenchman.

Below is the response of a group of Rabbis to the Devilish  and Dangerous Dribble of a dude born in fucking Van Nuys. My Rose kin are buried in Montana!

I can not believe the canned music attached to Lucia’s video.

John Presco

Collins, meanwhile, hopes that his unique profile can overcome a yawning partisan gap. Montana, while it has elected Democrat Jon Tester three times to the Senate and has a Democratic governor, is deep red in presidential years. When Collins arrived in Montana in 1994, he had spent two years and seven months navigating the United States asylum process. He’d fled Liberia’s civil war, which took two of his brothers and forced him to leave home for good. Twenty-three years later, he defeated 16-year incumbent Jim Smith to become Helena’s first black mayor — and the first black mayor in the state’s history. A Liberian refugee, elected mayor in the heart of Trump country.

Play at same time!


Yesterday, the Supreme Court did a batch of peyote and took our democracy on a vision quest. They declared a company has a mortal soul and thus a right to protect it’s religious freedoms. Artists make logos for companies and help brand them. I pointed this out with Target, a logo that Jaspar John’s made famous that is a new age cross. In HOBBY LOBBY I see HOLY LOBBY.

“The case that led to the 1993 act was a 1990 decision by the Supreme Court that upheld Oregon’s denial of unemployment claims by two men who were fired by the Native American Church for ingesting peyote. In ruling against the men, the high court tossed out previously used balancing test in First Amendment cases involving the free exercise of religion. The 1993 was overwhelmingly bipartisan.”

On December 29, 2013, I posted this on the Facebook of Charles J. Shield who wrote ‘And so it goes’ the biography of Kurk Vonnegut, my idol. I suggested Lucia Joyce take peyote with Antonin Artaud and go on a vision quest. Lucia is transported in time and finds herself dancing at the Fillmore to the Grateful Dead – who we see in Mary Ann’s art?

“If Lucia had her way, she would go with a Dance Drama, a tale of how a classic Anglo-Saxon novel is assimilated into the Hippie Dance Music Culture. The Grateful Dead will do Finnagan’s Wake, and, here come the Lucettes! Turn down volume on India dance and leave Love song.”

For four days I debated about doing a review of Mary Ann Tharaldsen’s Art Movie, but, I was being driven. I kept going into a creative trance. I am a Seer who did not want to interfere with a fellow artist’s vision. Let my ex do her thing. Don’t glom on to her history. Let her go her own way. But, then I awoke and beheld the fresh pine wood I have leaning against my wall that appears in several of my videos. In several of these videos I discuss Charles Shields and his biography of Kurt Vonnegut ‘And So It Goes’.

I became a FB friend of Charles when I saw he was a FB friend of Mary Ann. I assumed Charles read the article Boris Kachka wrote in the New York magazine. When Charles asked who was going to author Lucia Joyce’s biography, I suggested I would, with the help of the spirit of Antonin who came to America in the 50’s and took part in the Peyote rituals. I got ridiculed, was labeled mad, and Charles unfriended me when I proved this was not a fantastic idea.

(Deirdre Mulrooney’s article appeared in The Irish Times, 6/21.)

James Joyce’s daughter Lucia was a remarkable dancer – something that has been buried in her troubled historye

Lucia Joyce, born to James Joyce and Nora Barnacle in Trieste in 1907, has captured the imagination of many writers and artists as tragic muse. Film-makers, dramatists and novelists have projected everything from Mills & Boon-style narratives where the real protagonists are famous male writers – Samuel Beckett, one of Joyce’s many boyfriends; and her father – for whom she is just a bridge, to unfounded stories of incest and child abuse, to comic-strip extravaganzas.

How did Lucia get to be such a supine, empty space? Apart from Carol Loeb Shloss’s groundbreaking and controversial 2003, biography Lucia Joyce: To Dance in the Wake, you don’t hear much about the facts of Joyce the dancer, who once declared in exasperation, “C’est moi qui est l’artiste,” or “It’s me who’s the artist.” I’m most intrigued by Lucia Joyce the artist in her own right, of whom the Paris Times remarked, in 1928: “When she reaches her full capacity for rhythmic dancing, James Joyce may yet be known as his daughter’s father.”

With her impressive avant-garde dance training, Joyce would have had a lot to contribute to the Abbey Theatre Ballets

A group of rabbis in Montana sent an open letter to Republican U.S. Sen. Steve Daines this week following his recent Tweet in support of Pres. Donald Trump.

On Monday, Senator Steve Daines Tweeted, “Montanans are sick and tired of listening to anti-American, anti-Semite, radical Democrats trash our country and our ideals.”

It came following Tweets from Pres. Trump telling unnamed Democratic Congresswomen to go back and fix the places they came from.

Five people from the Montana Association of Rabbis, a coalition of Jewish leaders in the state, sent an open letter to multiple newspapers in Montana on Wednesday in response.

It says, “We do not feel safer or supported by Senator Daines’ comments, rather we fear the legitimization the president and the senator are giving to racism, xenophobia, misogyny and hatred.”

The letter denounces what the rabbis say is Daines’ alignment with recent Tweets by President Trump and a rhetoric of hate.

Student Rabbi Erik Uriarte, who serves a congregation in Billings and says he speaks only for himself, signed the letter.

He says he takes issue with Daines’ use of loaded terms like “anti-American,” especially as a Jew of Nicaraguan descent who is a U.S. citizen.

“I have been told by people who didn’t really know me, ‘go back to the country you came from.’ So, regardless of whether or not I agree or disagree with the target of Senator Daines’ Tweet, that type of language as a Jew, as a Latino, is just not acceptable or appropriate and needs to be called out,” says Uriarte.

He says he also finds Daines’ use of “anti-Semite” in this context problematic, especially when used by someone who does not identify as Jewish.

“Anybody who is a sincere ally, I welcome, but I also really hope that they come out and meet us in our communities and understand what anti-Semitism is,” he says.

Mark Kula, a post-denominational rabbi in Bozeman and Missoula, also signed off on the letter.

Kula says Trump’s original Tweets for the Congresswomen to go back where they came from brings back historical memories of what’s happened in the past to other populations and minorities in the country.

“Because once President Trump did his Tweets, to just join on board with just a few words, key phrases, to push buttons, was of concern to us, and that’s why felt we had to speak up,” says Kula.

Not all rabbis in the state reacted that way.

Chaim Bruk is an Orthodox Rabbi based in Bozeman and executive director of a Jewish outreach organization with three branches in the state. He says he’s been friends with Daines for years.

Bruk is not a member of the Montana Association of Rabbis and disagrees with the letter itself.

“I think it’s sort of insinuating that he is not a supporter or not an understander of the Jewish community or somehow he sympathizes with white supremacy or with anti-Semitism, which is ludicrous,” says Bruk.

Bruk says Daines has been vocal in his support of the Jewish community and says he feels supported by all of Montana’s officials.

Daines was one of the representatives to sign a bi-partisan letter denouncing a planned neo-Nazi march in Whitefish in 2016, along with U.S. Senator Jon Tester, Governor Steve Bullock, Montana Attorney General Tim Fox and then-U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke.

In a statement to YPR News, Daines spokesperson Julia Doyle wrote, “Steve is a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people. And as you saw in his recent tweet, he believes the anti-Semitic rhetoric from radical Democratic lawmakers is astounding.”

Doyle also wrote, “Steve would be happy to find a time to meet with Montana’s rabbis.”

As of Thursday afternoon, rabbis that signed the letter said they have not heard from Daines.

Waiting For Artaud

Posted on January 17, 2014by Royal Rosamond Press


The Theatre of Cruelty and Cultural Warfare is coming to Emerson Center For Arts & Culture

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