King Jesus – Lost Again!

How the Jews explain losing the Promised Land, after God said they would never lose it, contributes much to the Torah and the New Testament – and regrettably MODERN DAY BARBARIC EVENTS that turns back the advance of civilization – thousands of years! Add to this the ongoing attempt to reverse the GAINS women have made in being in control of their bodies – by ANGRY SOUTHERN LOSERS whose King Jesus told them to KILL YANKEES who wanted to FREE THEIR SLAVES, then – I AM FILLED WITH DISPAIR!

Opinion: White evangelicals after Trump: What now? (

Did Zionists want women to own the right to vote? NO!

Did Zionists want Confederate Traitors to free their slaves? NO!

Did Zionists use their THINK TANK to ask for better treatment of Native Americans? NO!

“American mainland colonial Jews imported slaves from Africa at a rate proportionate to the general population. As slave sellers, their role was more marginal, although their involvement in the Brazilian and Caribbean trade is believed to be considerably more significant.”

Jewish views on slavery – Wikipedia

Israeli airstrikes kill 11 children who were enrolled in a program to address past trauma from war (

“Eleven children in Gaza who were taking part in a program to recover from past trauma have been killed by Israeli airstrikes while sheltering in their homes, the Norwegian Refugee Council said Tuesday.”

How did it come to be that Israel, and Red State Neo-Confederates, are able to dictate our American culture that Enemy China – mocks! Rock throwing treacherous primates forcing women to seek dangerous illegal abortions – are in the news every goddamn day!. Here is Israel USING a Native American tribe to own permission to annilhate the Palestinian People. This morning I goggled – Jews helping Native Americans! Biden just approved a huge arms deal to Israel. How many Native Americans earn a living making arms? We should pass a law saying all arms to Israel must be manufactured on Reservations.

The Israeli government has been SEDUCING INDIA in order to put bodies in American city street in support of Israel. I became a follower of Meher Baba in 1967. Twenty years later – I tried to follow Jesus and become a Christian. I am a follower of the Jew, John the Baptist, because there is REAL HISTORY for him, and NONE for King Jesus and David.

On this day I declare the GOD OF THE JEWS – DEAD! This means…God-Jesus is not God! I am seeking a class action lawsuit to keep the Israeli DEATH CULT out of my Nation’s affairs. Begin a petition bidding Israel and MR. TRUTH to give a National Opinion on whether they think our elections were rigged – and Ttump should be President. If THE GOD OF THE JEWS, who said He is THE TRUTH, can not give His Chosen People a clear idea of who is A LIAR, and, who speaks THE TRUTH….then keep your friggen mouth shut about our affairs. Put up – or shut up!

There should be a petition demanding Netanyahu SPIT ON THE CONFEDERATE FLAG to prove he is NOT A SECRET RACIST! Fuck his goddamn loyalty checks of American Citizens! This is aimed at Democrats losing elections. Israel and China attack us in the same way. Back our elected President. We are at war!

John ‘The Nazarite’

Biden’s refusal to criticize Israel killing civilians undermines his pledge to prioritize human rights (

“Harry’s usual critics in the U.K. had already weighed in on his First Amendment comments. They also had spent the past few days fuming at Harry for being disloyal to his father, Prince Charles, and to the queen because he criticized the “cycle” of dysfunctional royal parenting. A number of royal experts called for Harry and Meghan to be stripped of their duke and duchess titles.”

Prince Harry’s ‘bonkers’ 1st Amendment quip fuels outrage (

The Jewish Confederates is a 2001 history book authored by Robert N. Rosen about Jewish citizens of the Confederate States of America who served in the Confederate States Army (CSA) during the American Civil War of 1861–1865. As they made up just 0.2% of the CSA, their story had not been heavily researched before Rosen, a Jewish lawyer in Charleston, South Carolina with a master’s degree in History from Harvard University, authored the book. It received both praise and criticism in many academic journals. Rosen has written two more books about the city of Charleston.

The Jewish Confederates – Wikipedia

“A new study suggests the biblical account of the commanded annihilation of the ancient Canaanite people at the hands of the invading Israelites was a bit premature, claiming their descendants are still living just up the road, across the Lebanese border.”

New genetic research from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has found that far from being destroyed, the Canaanites morphed into the inhabitants of modern Lebanon.

Scientists in the United Kingdom-based genetic research center sequenced the genomes of five 4,000-year-old Canaanite individuals and compared them to other ancient and present-day populations, including a sample of 99 modern Lebanese.

The Canaanites weren’t annihilated, they just ‘moved’ to Lebanon | The Times of Israel

The riots in which participants stormed the Capitol building are the opposite of American and Israeli values, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday, the morning after the violent events in Washington, at the opening of a meeting with US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.Yet Netanyahu continued to praise US President Donald Trump, who backed the rioters’ clause with repeated claims that the November election that he lost had been “stolen.” In December, the US attorney-general at the time William Barr, who had been appointed by Trump, said there was no evidence of widespread election fraud.

Bibi goes MAGA: How Netanyahu is exploiting the Capitol Hill riot (

Indian-Americans rally in support of Israel in Chicago | World News – India TV (

Jews and Native Americans: Brothers in the Great Spirit – The Jerusalem Post (

Scores of disappointed Indians took to Twitter to express their disbelief after seeing India’s name being omitted from the list of countries that were thanked by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for standing with his nation during the Israel-Palestine conflict.

A large number of Indian-Americans in Chicago have come out in support of Israel during its current conflict with the Hamas, which they alleged are indulging in terror attacks against the Jewish community.

Over the weekend, Indian-Americans in the Chicago area held two rallies, including one in the downtown, to show their solidarity with the Jewish community.

Indian-American leader Dr Bharat Barai said the community stands with the people of Israel who are targeted by constant rocket attacks from Gaza.

The results, published July 27 in the American Journal of Human Genetics, show that 93 percent of the ancestry of modern Lebanese ancestry comes from the Canaanites.

Had they been destroyed by the Israelites, who were commanded by God to annihilate them, it would have been a form of patricide. According to the study, the Canaanites were the common ancestor for several ancient peoples who inhabited the Levant during the Bronze Age, such as the Ammonites, Moabites, and Israelites.

“Coming from a strong background in humanitarian work, Shmuel supports not only better relations between Native Americans and Jewish people, but between the indigenous people of all lands, including Australia and the Middle East, with the Jewish nation and the State of Israel. “We say it’s important to have inter-tribal solidarity,” she tells the Magazine, “we’ve all been colonized, oppressed and forced to integrate into an imperialist culture.”  This flies in the face of many of the common theories supported by radical left-wing thinkers and anti-Israel activists. Among such circles, Native People are often fetishized as authentic and “spiritual” and so to have, for example, a joint protest of First Nations and Palestinian people against the State of Israel carries with it a lot of impact. It presents a false narrative that portrays Arabs as indigenous to the Levant, and Jews as colonists – painting the Palestinian case, which is a very recent one, as part of a totally different process that began with the discovery of the New World.To put it bluntly, Jewish arrivals to pre-state Israel did not introduce Palestinians to germs they had no immunity to, and they did not come to a new world. From their point of view, they came home after thousands of years in exile”

“A Conflict of Truth with Error”: Southern Preachers, Their Worldview, and Sectional Tensions, 1830-1865 (

Southern clergymen understood that within the Triune Godhead (Father, Son
Jesus, and Holy Spirit) there exists perfect harmony and organization. Therefore, it
was logical and biblical for them to discern God’s intentions for society to rest on a
clear chain of command. The social schema was based in the institution of the family
as the cosmological bedrock of the world. Any assault on the plantation household
arrangement from abolitionists was interpreted by southern divines as an attack on the
very foundation of southern society. It was the scriptural discernment of the family
within a proslavery cosmology that was in contradistinction to the North and provided
fodder for a secessionist impulse among many of the southern evangelical clergy.


When I talk to readers and people in my community about faith and my relationship with Jesus, this is what they ask me. These days, it seems to me, it is tempting to reply, “I can’t.” But I’m realizing that answer denies the power of history — mine, and many others.

During the Trump presidency, White evangelicals formed the bedrock of the former President’s political strength — a huge number voted for him twice and never wavered in their support for either the man or his policies.

As a result, White evangelicalism has emerged as a political and theological explainer for some liberals and progressives to understand the continuing appeal of Donald Trump. Several brilliant recent books, including Robert Jones’ “White Too Long,” Anthea Butler’s “White Evangelical Racism” and Kristen Kobes Du Mez’s “Jesus and John Wayne,” have generated important public conversations on the complicity between White evangelicalism (and White Christianity more broadly) and racism and sexism. For the most part, these authors insist that ideologies of Anglo-Saxon supremacy and misogyny are at the very core of American evangelical identity among its White adherents. Donald Trump — no matter his personal failings — embodies their deepest beliefs. He doesn’t just represent their interests. He is them.

These analyses are pointed and on target. It is true that White evangelicals maintain strong support for Trump. And their attitudes stand in stark contrast to Black evangelicals — who did not vote for him and have been among his most vocal religious critics.

These books present finely argued and nuanced histories. And yet, they are entering — and shaping — a fraught public discourse where, in much of mainstream commentary and social media critique, White evangelicals are a new cultural villain, scapegoats responsible for our national ills.

In recent weeks, I’ve been on a book tour and the most unexpected question I’ve heard in book talks is about the acknowledgments where I thank several evangelical organizations with which I was once associated. People have challenged me: “How can you be so generous to them? Don’t you know they are racist?” or “Your ability to be generous to such a dangerous religion is beyond me” or “Really? They don’t deserve your kindness!” It has been surprising that some readers have criticized my capacity for gratitude toward evangelicals.

Thus, I’ve been reflecting on the question: What’s good about White evangelicalism?

I’m not an evangelical, but I used to be one. I converted from my childhood liberal Methodism to being “born again” (the experience that makes one an evangelical) in 1974 and remained within evangelicalism for almost two decades. I graduated from a Christian college, attended a flagship evangelical seminary and did my doctoral work with George Marsden, the towering figure of evangelical history. Yet, by 1994, after stepping outside of theological bounds and failing to receive tenure at an evangelical college, I found myself on the outs of the subculture, shunned and silenced by evangelical institutions and churches, unable to work in Christian higher education and canceled by evangelical publishers.

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