I Am The End Time Elijah

I AM the embodiment of John the Baptist. I bid all Christians to take the Vow of the Nazarite in preparation of being VACCINATED. John was filled with the Holy Spirit while in his mother’s womb. He wrote and spoke when he was eight days old. Do not commit the sin of murder. Be one with THE DOVE!

John ‘The Nazarite’

The Healing Saturday | Rosamond Press

“I have come for sinners” | Rosamond Press

The Healing Saturday
Posted on April 12, 2020 by Royal Rosamond Press

I just awoke from my Old Man Nap and heard God bid me to found His Saturday of Pandemic Healing.

Jesus said something that puzzled me for years. In Luke he says who he has come to heal:

“And Jesus answering unto them said. They that are whole do not need a physician. But they that are sick. That is the reason for which I came into the world.”

Jesus has just given the reason why he was born. He says what his mission is. He says he has not come to heal everyone. There is are two words missing from his declaration. It should read;

“They that are not born sinners, do not need a physician.”

What Jesus is referring to is the ruling, and law the Sanhedrin made about fifty years before Jesus was born, said those who were born with their afflictions, were judged by God to be cursed by the sins of their parents. Therefor, no rabbi, priest, or physician need tend to their affliction, such as blindness. The boy born blind is severely questioned by the upholders of The Law. To break the laws the men of the Sanhedrin made, was punishable by death. Now, who would like this law overturned? Mothers, Jewish women with child, for everyone of them were concerned they would born a cursed child, and God and his Men of God would turn their backs on their child – and damn both the child and its mother! While all the other women of the Greek and Roman world are free of this Mass Shaming, the Jewish Women are put in the shadow of a curse. These women would be very interested in giving birth to a Messiah and Savior who would be born without sin and would champion the children!

Holy Saturday is an empty holy day. There was a blessing of the animals for awhile, but, there is no real ritual. I suggest this day be named after Saint Francis so the whole planet can be healed in a secular and religious day of unity. The World Health Organization needs to be – SAVED! We need to prepare the way for the People of the World to come to the Healing Savior. We need to be prepared for the next pandemic.

John ‘The Nazarite’


Rosamond Press

It is 2:33 A.M. October 15, 2019, and, I have no choice but to conclude I am the End Time Elijah. The evidence that elects me, is the insistence by my daughter – I do not exist! Her need to un-born me is so strange. I have been posting on a near-death experience group. Twenty minutes ago I read that Elijah did not die. He was taken up to heaven. I had avoided looking at this idea. Having been to heaven, and back, I do wonder about my second death. Will I have one, or, will I be – taken up? I described my feeling of being taken about five days ago.

To have come back to earth when I came back to life has been very interesting. To leave a message to my un-born grandchild who I am forbidden to have a relationship for all these/those mortal reasons –…

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