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China and Russia ambushed Blinken at the United Nations yesterday. But, I saw it coming. What inspired me to write a James Bond book – is a book in itself! To consider it becoming a movie – took a lot of guts!
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China and Russia ambush Blinken at UN Security Council (

Secretary of State Antony Blinken was lectured by China and Russia at a United Nations Security Council meeting that saw the authoritarian powers attempt to invalidate Western diplomatic initiatives and the U.S. alliance network.
“I’m sure that all countries would be glad to see the United States changing course and make a real contribution to practicing multilateralism,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Friday, moments after Blinken concluded his remarks.

Blinken denounced Chinese hypocrisy, although, like Wang, he avoided mentioning the target nations by name.
“A foundational unit of the United Nations, from the first sentence of the charter, is not just the nation-state — it’s also the human being,” Blinken said. “Some argue that what governments do within their own borders is their own business. … Asserting domestic jurisdiction doesn’t give any state a blank check to enslave, torture, disappear, ethnically cleanse their people, or violate their human rights in any other way.”

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The European Union is acting as a World Police Force in warning Iran about the seizure of a ship. My old muse, married well. Irene is more that a female James Bond. She is the embodiment of Britania.

The portrait I did of Rena is a ‘Historic Portrait’.  Not even Rena can take this truth from me. She was my, and my late sister’s muse. She is redeeming. She is redeemed by her choice of a husband, who made history.

John Presco

Rena as Britania and American Eagle


Rena’s late husband was Former Head of the British Defence Staff which was founded by Winston Churchill to insure these two allies would forever be on the same side. It appears Theresa May is responding to the pledge of unity in meeting with Don Juan Trumpster.

In 1970 I asked Rena to…

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