The London Fleming Connection

Ken Kesey suffered from Writer’s Block at the end of his life. Nancy took me to the UofO to here Ken read from the co-authored gang book ‘Caverns’. I was not impressed, and was glad I did not join the latest Group Grope by the Prankster Acidheads, who had to know about the scandal about……THAT OTHER BEAUTY FROM NEBRASKA. Mischelle McMindes. My connection to Ken and Ian Flemming is utterly ignored. Why? Kathy Wilson suggested to me people was to be attached to the idea of Immortality, and thus when a famous person dies, the un-famous make their moves to fill in he void, and get as close as they can TO THE TOP. The wanna-best will protect The Genius Source -to the death. All writing and publishing came to a halt when Ken died. I am a great threat to many people.

Rosamond Press

It is suspected Ian Fleming read some of Jack London. This – frees me up! Not that I allowed anyone to – lock me up! It’s just going to be a hell of a lot easier! Now I can have Victoria Rosamond Bond, and Miriam Starfish – snoop around the Bohemian Club – without fearing losing more family members due to a – stab in the back! All their blades – have struck home! I get to play – THE TOTAL GOD!

“On the way off the pier, Starfish spotted a green object in the shallow water. She did not hesitate wading in.

“Don’t go in that water. It might be contaminated!” said Victoria, her motherly instinct coming out now that she loved her first human being – more than life itself.

“Look!” cried Starfish. “It’s an old bottle…”The Belmont Soda Works!”

Off Miriam sped to the site of the…

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