“Little Girl” Rising

The Culture in The Emerald Valley is CENTERED around Ken Kesey, and his replacement, Ken Babbs. WHY? What have these two AUTHORS written in the last thirty-four years? I came to Eugene to get sober at Serenity Lane. I brought the start of my novel ‘The Gideon Computer’. I met Kesey. He invited me to ride with him on FURTHER in the Eugene Celebration Parade.

Rosamond Press

I have testified in the last twenty-four hour that ‘Christine is with me.” This is to say I ressurected our powerful and loving bond – from the ashes of despair! Christine Rosamond Benton was my little sister in AA. The fact that she went to Rocky Point to celebrate her fist sober birthday – is hidden! Why? It should be the first thing anyone should write about – because it is the truth! For anyone to deliberately conceal or manipulate this fact, is not an artist or a historian. What they are is a – SALESPERSON! Why was a salesperson sold my families SOBER HISTORY to one who does not, and has not, suffered severely from….THE DISEASE OF ALCOHILISM? In looking at the history of the Getty Family one is thrown onto a battlefield where family members are struggling to stay alive – like Christine did when she ended up…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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