“National Rape Day”

Capturing Beauty


John Presco

Copyright 2021

A half hour ago I heard on my local news there is a diabolical “Rape Day”

Calls for action rise after disturbing TikTok ‘April 24 National Rape Day’ | KVAL

On Thurdsday I told my therapist I was in hypnotherapy in 1991 looking at my father raping me when I was about three and a half years of age, when my brother called me and said;

“I don’t know if I should tell you this, but, Vic raped Shannon, and Christine is blackmailing him in order to have money to put Shannon in therapy.”

When my sixteen year old daughter came into my life, I was overwhelmed with joy, for I would be able to love a family member without the disease of incest sliming our relationship. Then she disappeared from my life for two years, and I was back in therapy due to being traumatized. I did not want Heather Hanson to be around Mark Presco who said;

“Don’t be such a prude. I considered becoming a pedophile myself!”

This was how my hateful brother thought I should handle a claim of sexual abuse in OUR family. This is why I told Patrice Hanson, who agreed to marry me, why we were a Miracle Family who could start anew once DelPiano’s name is removed from my daughter’s birth certificate. Randall was posing as Bob Weir, seducing women, and emptying their bank accounts. This is fraud and rape. He went to San Quinton for this.

I told my therapist that every time I read Tom Snyder’s book, or any information from the ghost writers, I go into shock and feel I am out of my body. This is the case when I reread the e-mail Snyder sent me in March of 2001. He asks me if I have met my MINOR CHILD yet. He then tells me my aunt gave him a copy of my grandfather’s poem “some time ago”. Lillian lived in a trailer in Oxnard on Highway 101. She told me Tom was coming to her trailer to interview her for her book – after she gave me a five hour taped interview. She also told me Stacey Pierrot sent her a photograph of MY MINOR DAUGHTER taken at the Rosamond Gallery the evening of the reopening, where Lawrence Chazen is seen in front of black balloons. Mark said he was going. I asked him to pay my way. He refused.

Mark must have met my daughter and her mother. He did not call me and tell me – she was there. Tom was trying to get me to contribute to his biography. He was put in charge of telling me the good news. He had sent me a non-disclosure agreement to sign. When I refused, he said there are attorneys who want to play hardball with me, but, he said he would try using sugar. He is employing a minor in a COVERT manner to get what he wants – and what others want – that are lurking in the dark.

I now suspect Lillian Molnar invested a large amount of money in Christine, before she died, and after. Did she have an insurance policy? Who are those attorneys? Does Sydney Morris know Lillian, who was a friend of the owner of Circle Galleries? Did Lillian hear about Vic allegedly raping a “teenager”? Why didn’t Julie Lynch try to track down that VICTIM OF RAPE like she did Christine’s kindergarten teacher – or so she said – employing A MINOR CHILD to get what she wants, or, what aunt Lillian wants, because, in Snyder’s Book of Lies, he allows my aunt to tear into her sister, my others, in what amounts to the most dirty and disgusting work of literature – ever! That Patrice wanted there to be two biographies about my sister, amounts to CONSPIRACY by a group of severely mentally ill non-artists, who don’t give a shit about art – or literature – or, common feelings we humans share, that come with our need to grieve for the loss of our loved ones. This conspiracy began in Christine’s home – the day she died! Lilliam hated Shannon – and loved Victor. Get it!

Family Alcoholism | Rosamond Press

I used to love my aunt. I just slept for five hours, I not able to wake from my nap, because, my subconscious was WORKING. The BETRAYAL OF CHILDREN is epidemic!

The day of the funeral, I saw my uncle, Dick Molnar being handed Rosamond prints down in the basement of the Rosamond Gallery by Stacey Pierrot – who held a vase of Christine’s paint brushes out to me!

“Pick one! That’s yours to keep!”

The probate would not start till months later. This is THEFT from the estate of the deceased. I now suspect Dick used MY DEAD SISTER as a tax write off – along with others. I left that brush in Christine’s home. Why would the Number One Creditor try to become the Special Executor after Garth Benton was dismissed? That’s him, Larry Chazen in the top photo. Did he know Dick and Lilian Molnar? He must have, he was Christine’s partner at the first Rosamond Gallery. There was an audit by the IRS. My brother has disappeared. Did he keep in touch with Tom? Mark told me he got to read the rough draft of Snyder’s book. I now understand he and Vicki were working close with Lillian, dealing cards under the table, and fretting about the miracle of my child coming into my life. It looked like WE had the real true and living story that they had to corrupt, had to slime with the filth they slimed with Art World with. They went after Royal’s poem that my mother would not let me read at my sister’s funeral.

I have no family, this day, on ‘Rape Day’. I’ve been raped! As the surviving artist I was treated as an outsider. My sobriety was a great threat. Lilian dated Errol Flynn and believed she was going to be a star in the Rosamond movie. So did my daughter – and her family.

Rosamond Publishing – About the Artist

@101freeway.com (Tom Snyder)
To: John Presco
Sent: March 30, 2001 5:46:49 PM GMT
Subject: Question on RRR

Hi, John –

Visited your website the other day and noticed you have the poem,
“Your Name” posted. I think it’s beautiful.

Lillian had given me a copy some time ago, and I am wondering if you know
where it was published.

Have you met Heather yet?


— — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Tom Snyder: Writer, collector of neat
quotes. Otherwise, mostly all thumbs.
— — — — — — — — — — — — — —
You see, you can’t please everyone,
So you got to please yourself.
– Rick Nelson
“Garden Party”

I¡¯ve been thinking about the apparent conflict in regard to the
biography. Perhaps there is information I don¡¯t have but it seems to me that a biography written by the brother would be a very different book from a very different perspective than one written by an outsider and so there would be room for the creation of both of them. I know when I am really interested in someone or something, I like to get my hands on as many resources as possible to get information from a variety of points of view. So I don¡¯t see that it needs to be an either/or situation. But, as I said, perhaps there is something I don¡¯t know that you do. We can talk about it more. Tom Snyder seems like a really nice guy also. It seems he is supportive of you and he definitely played an important part in connecting you with Heather and that is important and not to be ignored.”

Patrice Hanson Exploits Children | Rosamond Press

“As if on cue, the universe cooperated and Christine’s father, Vic, who had left the family when Christine was eleven years old, returned to reacquaint himself with his daughter.  Within months, Vic molested a teenage girl. The moment that Christine heard of the attack, she knew that this was not the first time Vic had transgressed. 

A Louisiana news outlet was among the first to report TikTok users seeings at least six men posting videos inviting people to take part in acts of rape, specifically toward women on April 24.

The videos generated massive reactions, including shares and likes before the accounts sharing the content deleted the posts.

TikTok users are being urged to report anything they see promoting this event. This can include screenshots with hashtags as well as the user account sharing the content.

A spokesperson for TikTok released the following statement:

“The supposed ‘National Rape Day’ trend being reported upon is abhorrent and would be a direct violation of our Community Guidelines, and while we haven’t seen evidence of this trending on our platform, our safety team remains vigilant and would remove any such content.”

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