From Buckskins To Levis

There’s a New Brandslinger in town and she/it is gunning for Gavin Newsom. I am fond of Spooky Noodles because he knows much about California History. When he mentioned the Clipper ships that anchored off the coast of California loading hides to take around the Cape to Boston (to make shoes) I could relate. Now, the whole West Coast is going to check itself out to see if they can relate to Caitlyn Jenner who is going to run for Governor.

If I know Spooky, he is already doing a K-C study of that made-up name that is highlighted because a man wearing a woman’s dress is behind it. California Cait is going up against the House of Levi and PlumpJack Wines. You know we got our Rodeo Drive wardrobe artists working behind the scene-s. Will CC be involved in…The Oscars? Do I hear Herb Caen rolling over in his grave, his stilled typewriter aching to go…? Robin Williams and Johnathan Winters were the best of friends – remember?

To be continued

I’m back…after watching the video of Winters with Carson. This is a supposed to be a suggested blog on the theme of wearing pants, or, not to wear pants. I just realized I Jenner is a character who has some tough shoes to fill. I have forgotten that Jonathan was an artist who had friends in the Village. I am sure he knew the Beats of San Francisco. This genius spent time in the booby-hatch and suffered from alcoholism. Robin was off the charts. Williams followed in his friend’s footstep by making so much – acceptable. After Trump, the world is without…A CHARACTER. What’s next? Who’s…next? Rosemary used to tell her children…

“There’s a great big wide world out there!”

John Presco

Jonathan Winters – Wikipedia

How Pants Went From Banned to Required in the Roman Empire – Atlas Obscura

(25) Jonathan Winters tells drinking stories of Johnny and him when they were younger – YouTube

Caitlyn Jenner announces plans to run for governor of California (

The Olympic gold medalist and transgender rights activist is a longtime Republican and joins a crowded field of conservatives hoping to unseat Newsom, who has been the state’s Democratic governor for the past two years. The petition signatures calling for a recall election are still being verified by California election officials, but if it passes, an election would be held “no earlier than Nov. 2 and as late as Nov. 30,” according to a timetable from the Los Angeles Times.

The 71-year-old Jenner famously voted for Donald Trump in 2016, citing the then-presidential candidate’s claims that he would help the transgender community. Two years later, Jenner issued a mea culpa in a Washington Post op-ed, saying that she was wrong and that “believing that I could work with Trump and his administration to support our community was a mistake.”

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