“Every story deserves to be told.”

Jensen played for the Boston Red Sox.

Rosamond Press

Here are the opening words for the little book on Belmont, by MacCrisken:

“Every story deserves to get told. When we hear the stories of
others, we grow empathy, pride, and an overall connection to the
world. From this booklet, I hope you learn how this land has
evolved into the wonderful town that you now call home, and that
the work that you put into the world never truly fades as it
continues to live in the everyday lives of others you’ve touched.
Thank you to everyone at the Belmont Historical Society, Karin
Saltzherr, the GSNorCal council, and an extra special thank you to
the wonderful Denny Lawhern who truly is the spirit of Belmont
and whom without, this project would absolutely not be possible”

It appears Carolyn Yau got permission to use the photographs that Cynthia captured – somehow! Why was I not offered the use of the…

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