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The Rosamond genealogists suggests the name comes from Rougemont Switzerland where Denis de Rougemont was born. With the coming of the Second Cold War, it is best we look at the sources of what has so far prevented Armageddon. Because there has not been a nuclear war, I suggest all nations disarm and develop Psychic Warfare – that will be much cheaper! Instead of naval ships and jets buzzing each other, psychic hits can be described and bragged about. John Von John’s legion of Beautiful and Psychic Redheads – may be the top of the psychic line – and indeed, we have already psyched out the enemy. We will be called The Psychic House of Orange. The PHO.

John ‘The Dove’

Grail Knights Ride Against Putin’s Christniks | Rosamond Press

Restoring the Congress of Cultural Freedom

Posted on February 24, 2018 by Royal Rosamond Press

Denis de Rougemont headed the Congress of Cultural Freedom that was funded by the CIA. Artist and Writers in the West were covertly employed to keep leftist intellectuals from adopting the hegemony of the Soviet Union, and use Communism as a weapon of empowerment. Putin was surely aware of it – eventually. Did he found his Troll Farms on the ideas of Rougemont, he employing a reverse move?

Denis Rougemont had Christianity in mind as making the difference. With Putin embracing the Russian Orthodox church against The U.S. and the European Union, a ‘Think Tank’ needs to be established that employs the philosophy of Rougemont who co-founded the European Union. I suspect Rougemont is kin to the Habsburgs.

The Trumpites are tying to establish a Evangelical Vatican in Jerusalem with the move of our Secular Embassy there. I am going to compose a letter to Congressman Peter DeFazio and ask him to stop this covert operation by the John Darby Cult. Trump’s evangelical handlers want what Putin has. What is that bird on the wall in back of Putin? It’s the cote of arms of the Russian Empire. This is why I declare myself ‘King of the Habsburg’ and Emperor of the revived Byzantine Empire.

The problem I have, is I have been trying to give a warning to secular peoples who shun everything with a religious message in it. This is a perfect holy smoke screen – for many tyrants – who hate the teaching of Jesus. Add to this the profits of the billionaires, and, it looks overwhelming for the little people, who tend to cave-in, forsake the courage they should be given in order to sustain fragile democracies.

Jon Presco

Russia should reinstate the monarchy, the regional head of Russia’s internationally unrecognized government in Crimea declared in a television interview on Tuesday night.

Sergey Aksyonov, who was appointed head of the Crimea region after Russia annexed it from Ukraine in 2014, shared his thoughts on Russian Crimean channel Perviy Krimsky.

“We do not need the democracy in the form in which it is presented by the Western media,” Aksyonov said. “We have our own traditional Orthodox spiritual values​​… Today, in my opinion, Russia needs the monarchy,” said Aksenov.

Rosamond Press

The dumbing down of America by white angry Christians, is at an end. I declare Donald Trump THE DEVIL as described in Rougemont’s book ‘The Devil’s Share’. I know my liberal leftist agnostic peoples are going to have trouble accepting any religious belief, but they have to accept the truth a massive religious political cult did everything possible to destroy the Democrats and this planet. Read Rougemont’s book written in 1955. He describes with much skill how the Devil works.

John Presco

On the Devil and Politics – Religion Online (

A Father of EuropeanUnion

Posted onJune 26, 2016byRoyal Rosamond Press


As Brexit shatters the European Union, let us look at one of its founders, who is rolling over in his grave.

Denis de Rougemont was titled ‘The Prince of European Culture’. He was at the first Bilderberg meeting, and is considered a co-founder of the European…

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