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The True Story of Absalom


John Gregory Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Radio and Press

Copyright 2021

Absalom was a Nazarite Judge who judged for forty years, not four. When he went to Hebron to fulfil his Vow of the Nazarite, that he may have taken for forty years, his son, David judged in his place – till his return. You have read that David is the father, and Absalom, is his son. This is not true. This is a lie that barely conceals the fact, that David has gone over to the Philistines – and the Moabites! Why would the people want this TRAITOR to be their king? They didn’t, but the Philistines and Moabites wanted David to wear a crown so he would be like them – and not be A Judge of The Lord, who made it clear – THAT HE WAS KING! The King of Kings!

2 Samuel 15 NIV – Absalom’s Conspiracy – In the course – Bible Gateway

When Absalom The Judge, hears his son David has captured the Ark of the Covenant with the help of the Philistines, he leaves Hebron with an army of Israelites – to take it back! David leaves the palace that was quickly made for him so he could wear the Ten Crowns of the ten tribes that he and the Philistines have subdued, not counting the Levites, who were given no land. David wears the Crown of The Tribe of Judah that will have dominion over all the tribes. The Judges of The Lord – have been slain! Only Absalom is alive. He is ‘The Peaceful Son of God’. This is what his name means.

Several theologians have suggested that King Saul is Samuel the Nazarite. I concur, and add……Absalom is Samuel – too! All three men are the same. Samuel would never put a crown on Saul – or David! But the philistines would because they gave him cities to rule.


In 2Samuel 15, we see David and his court, along with his foreign bodyguards, pouring out of the palace that is located on the Temple Mount. He crosses the Kedron Valley to the Mount of Olive where there was a worship of some kind. David is barefoot and wearing a sackcloth of shame over his head. He is spit upon. Why? He is shamed! Why? He is called unworthy! Why? Here is YOUR JUDAS…..THE TREACHEROUS SON!


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