Trying to Legitimize Rosamond

On April 7 I celebrated 34 years of sobriety. No family member called. If any are still alive, they are interested in Rosamond’s sobriety that ended in 1994. That evil book is still trying to fix my sister’s flawed sobriety – and her flawed art. You would think she would wish me well – from beyond the grave! Trying To Save The Rosamond Legacy | Rosamond Press

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boilluuu7While having dinner with Meredith, I got frustrated, and made this pronouncement.

“I forbid you to think of me as an artist, anymore. From now on – I am an Art Critic! This means you do not get to run my struggle as a real artist thru you voo-doo artist bullshit!”

Even though he wrote a dissertation on ‘The Creative Person’ Mark knows nothing about art and artists. He must have looked over some dudes shoulder at Harvard, He has me hang picture for him because he has no talent. Having a degree in psychology, I see his little wheels turning when I say things like;

“Christine was not a real artist. She was a fabrication. Smoke and mirrors were employed. She took up art because she was on welfare. Her style was dictated to her by her handler. I have spent years trying to legitimize her for the sake…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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