Dark Daughter – Rolling Bolders

Morris & Buck founded the Fuck Jack Invitational in Carmel by allowing Pierrot to invite everyone who had some contact with Rosamond to join the Wiccan Fuck-Fuck Cult. Leah and Heather plotted together on how to get their enflame genitalia, and the boners of their Bad Man Boys, in a Rosamond book and movie – because at this age – their cunts are the stars! I walked right into THEM, most father’s nightmare, their sixteen year old daughters who got the Pagan Hots, and want to kill their father’s – with the help of the dude who takes her virginity!

The Wicker Man – Wikipedia

Rosamond Press

Dark Daughter

When good art goes bad.

Most of my life I have been climbing a steep mountain while people I have bonded with roll boulders down on me. I am done with that. I am going with the rock flow! Hit me with your best shot and I will use it in my T.V. series. It is easier to prove a negative, than a positive. It’s easier to be destructive, rather than creative.


Heather’s mother and aunt convince my daughter to make a oath when she is eight.

“Just in case you should be united with your real father, promise us you will never form a real bond with him, and, only pretend to love him!”

“I promise!”

“Promise us that you will not go into his higher creative social circle – without us!”

“I promise!”

It all works for me, now! Be as rude, gross, and back…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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