Psalm Thirty-one

Jesus was a Moabite declaring himself King of the Jews. The Song of Deliverance by John Wilson | Rosamond Press

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Last night, Michael Dundon sent me a message “Psalm 31”. I saw the light. This Psalm is SUNG and acted out every time a Davidic King is crowned. If Jesus the Moabite was going to be king, then he would come down from the Mount of Olives and walk through the Valley of Death where the people of the Lord had gathered to smite and shame him. Then he rises above and climbs to the Temple Mount while three choirs sing out from the high places. To the people below it sounds like angels singing in heaven. When he come to the threshing floor, the people on the threshing floor lay down palm branches, and cry


Jesus was not crucified. The Jew did recognize THEIR KING. But then. this ritual could have been stolen by Saul-Paul to INVENT his Anti-Semitic church – after the fall of the temple. There…

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