Wilson On Drake and The Plague

John Wilson describes the plague and the Queen’s Fleet led by Drake and Hawkins. Drake explored the New World that was inhabited by a peoples who came across the Baring Straight from Asia that is being claimed by a mighty Chinese Army and Navy. We know the coronavirus came from China. I forbid all attacks on U.S. Citizens of Asian descent. Chinese diplomats our criticizing our forming of a Nation from the North American continent that is about wearing masks. This is…..HISTORY RISEN FROM THE DEAD….to deal with very similar history – TODAY! This is of THE HIGH FUTURIAN PROPHECY that I have made visible for years with Royal Rosamond Press.

My mother, Rosemary Rosamond, and my aunt Lillian both dated Errol Flynn who starred in the movie The Sea Hawk which was required viewing. I read the book.

Jack Wilson ‘Time Voyager’

The Sea Hawk (1940 film) – Wikipedia

IN the one thousand year of God,six hundred twenty five,

Was sent the Pestilential rod,our rocky hearts to rive.

In the chief City of the Realm,it had the chiefest seat:Page  31

There like a Sea to overwhelmpride that was grown so great;

Or like a fire to purge away,the dross of hateful sin;

Or like a Trumpet thence to fray,the sleep that Souls were in.

The Queen of Cityes wont to sit,in Chair of highest state,

Now sate in dust and lowest pit,all sad and desolate:

The highest Court of Parliament, to Oxford did remove.

The Tearmers were to Redding sent,their Titles there to prove.

Nor were the strangers strange alone,to the infected City;

But her best lovers all were gone,and left her without pitty.

I mean, the rich did flock away,and bade her streets adieu,

Except the poor (which needs must stay)there stayed but a few.

Nothing was heard but passing-bells,and friends their friends lamenting,

Nothing but heavy doleful-knells.(Death not at all relenting)

Nothing was seen but heaps of dead,to feed the hungry grave;

Or others lying sick a bed,(no way their life to save.)

Some looked pale, and some with pain, were forc’t to rave and roare,Page  32

Some did the deadly marks sustain,and some the deadly sore:

In one years space, or less then so,(from time the Plague began)

To what a number did they grow,that death grip’t in his span?

Sixty two thousand at the least,

Six hundred seventy seven,

Were made appear by deaths arrest,before the God of Heaven.

Yea, do but from Junes second lookunto Decembers last,

Scarce shall you read in English-bookof like doom ever past.

Within this three months space alone,as hath been duly counted,

Fifty three thousand ninety one,by Bills report amounted.

In London and the Liberties,(Six moe near Parishes add,)

All the forenamed clos’d their eyes,and made their friends full sad

The Sea Hawk is a 1940 American adventure film from Warner Bros. that stars Errol Flynn as an English privateer who defends his nation’s interests on the eve of the launch of the Spanish Armada..

”Our little Fleet in July first,”their mighty Fleet did view:”

She came but with a softly course,”though winds behind her blew.”

Her front much like the Moon was crook’t,”(the horns seven miles asunder)”

Her Mastes like stately Towers look’t,”the Ocean groaning under.”

And now behold they were at hand,”daring our English Borders,”

Making full sure to bring our Land”Under their Spanish orders:

But God above, laughing to scornetheir wicked wile and wealth.T

o his Annointed rais’d an horneof hope and saving health.”Prince,

Prophets, people, joyntly cry’d”TO CHRIST ALONE for ayd;Page  5

Whose power invincible was try’d”with Banner all displayd.

”That noble Drake drave on apace,”and made the Spaniard dive;

”And Hawkins follow’d hard the chase,”them all away to drive.

With these, well forbisht Forbisher,”their Navy did assayle:”

All at her back did thunder her”and swept away her tayle

Coronavirus from the perspective of 17th century plague | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal (voxeu.org)

John Dee – Sea Lord of The Ghost Fleet

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