Disrespecting Last Wishes Part 1

In my only conversation with Special Executor, Sydney Morris, he said this;

“I hear your sister was a piece of work!”

A person who has a strong and unusual personality, especially one with seriously unpleasant character flaws (e.g. a nasty piece of work)

I was shocked. I wondered why he was saying this to me. I surmised this had to be a test to see whose side I was on. Were other people saying the same thing, thus “I hear”?

About three years ago, I ordered a copy of Tom Snyder’s biography of my late sister, Christine Rosamond Benton, and I ended up in therapy. It is taking all the courage I got to author the next couple of blogs. If I give you all this information at once, it will make your head spin. Let’s begin with what my late sister said to Tom, who quotes Vicki Presco.

Younger sister Vicki recalls that Christine was still very frugal at the time – a throw back to life on San Sebastian Avenue, when even food was a luxery. “This is before she really learned to spend money.” Vicki recalls, “and in a very short time, Christine had saved up $100,000 to buy her first home on White Oak Avenue in Enciono. After that she went straight to ‘Fuck you’ and got very much into that.

Got into ‘Fuck you’? What my other dead sister is talking about, is, the partnership she formed Vic and Christine. Vicki put up $60,000 that she stole from her insane husband. They owned three houses at one time. Vic Presco put up $100,000 dollars of the money he got from his mother’s estate. Melba Broderick HAD all the Presco family in her Will until she called US ALLto come to her deathbed. Vic told me;

“Didn’t Vicki tell you my mother wanted to see you all?”


“Are you sure?” said the Big Bad Wolf.

“Yep! I think Vicki betrayed you!”

Vic told me Christine DID NOT give him, and his namesake – ANYTHING from the partnership! Wow! What a piece of work! Cousin Bill Broderick had me read his legal letter to the Bentons to see if I thought it was too, harsh. Bill would later get disbarred. Shall I que up some Godfather music for you?

When I went and looked at Melba’s Will, I read “DISINHERITED” in regards to her FOUR grandchildren, who are kin to Carl Janke. Vic told me;

“My mother left everything to me so I could invest in Rosamond, and thus have MORE money to give………to ALL my children.! Melba want you all to have – MORE!”

Do you see the hidden ‘Fuck you’ here? I have a hard time digesting the truth that Melba died believing no one loved her. She died not able to own the truth her only child – was a Real Grifter! Instead, she died convinced Rosemary’s kids were dirty selfish little fuckers – who were taught to hate her. Fasten your seat belts. You’re going to be taken on The Fuck You Ride of The Century!

John Presco


1. Who were the first two fuckers – to get fucked in the ‘Fuck you’ game?

2. What famous Carmel law firm thought they knew how to play Art Fuck You?

3. Why would any of the Fuck You Players believe reading about this evil shit – and the denigration of THE ARTIST of interest – would increase the sale of Rosamond prints?

4. Somebody – got sold? Who did – the selling?

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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