The Jealous Historical Society

What got me interested in Belmont was the house I saw for sale. I told the MacCarthy Gang I was looking for funding in order to found a art gallery around my sister’s work, and other family artitst. This house was going to be the home of Rosamond Press. The MG had to know that this is JUST WHAT many Mayors want, a Bohemian Hot Spot. I cite Richard Florida. At no time to I here – Great idea Mr. Presco! Wow! You are a God-send, the guy we’ve waiting for! Do you think Cynthia wanted to be in my shoes, and she is the one to go to the Mayor – with my BIG IDEA – and say it’s hers. You think The Belmont Gang want to make a name for themselves in literary history?

Rosamond Press

Dear Mr. Mayor;

Someone on the Belmont Historical Society suggested I have violated their copyright, by posting an image of William Janke, who may be in a family photograph this is posted on their facebook page. About twelve of my posts have been removed, which alarms me, because I offer NEW family information – that could be used without my permission! Being related this famous family does not rate with this clic who are described as “we”. To be invited by an origination connected with the City of Belmont, to contribute your family history, then be treated like you are a outsider and parasite – is outrageous! This goes against the tradition of other Historical Societies – who encourage descendant of famous people to contribute – because there is no telling what they have, or, if they are going to put that Society in their will. I demand a full…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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