Marching For Peace From The Solar Plexus

This is the post that upset the ugly man-hating evangelical women that live next to me. They are taught Jesus died JUST FOR their sins, and if they let him into their being, they will be beautiful and loved by THEIR PERSONAL SAVIOR. The resurrection is not being taught any more for the reasons my posts have pointed out. There is no evidence Jesus wanted his teaching to overcome the world.

I asked Belle and Kim for their help in dealing with the death of my famous sister. I wanted to see if they saw it was a suicide without suggesting this to them.. Belle is asking me for more private information. Kim invades my privacy, and slanders me. I am seen as one of the Beautiful Hollywood People that QAnon targets. Personal Attainment is seen as Satan’s Vanity. Trump is seenas being the humble and meek champion of the humble, the ugly, and the meek – who hate medical care for the sick. Feeding the hungry is socialism to the SAVED.


Beauty Had Sherriff Warn Me Off | Rosamond Press

House Democrats bring back Medicare-for-all, seeking to push Biden left (


Rosamond Press


I marched on Washington D.C. in 1971. I looked like this photo taken two years later. Three years earlier it was much harder to be around people, and they me. I was startling. I had achieved Enlightenment. It was very hard to be me. It was very hard to handle the negative doubt I felt from others. I rarely conversed. They wanted what I had/have. Wanting stirs doubts of un-worthiness. You can see the radiating points of the Manipura radiating from my solar plexus. This energy encircles me, and protects me. People who have tried to hurt me, were repelled by this energy.

Today, millions of evangelical Christians believe they put in the White House, the embodiment of King Solomon, who owned much gold. They want some gold. They smile like happy children because they believe Jesus wants them to own gold, and, that’s why Trump was driven to run…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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